Two simple math equations for all my conservative friends

Here’s two simple math equations for all my conservative readers:

19 – 2 = 17

14 + 2 = 16

Democrats win two more seats in the State Senate = win for the Democrats.


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15 thoughts on “Two simple math equations for all my conservative friends

    1. Recall elections resulting in the ouster of two incumbent Republican State Senators is a repudiation of those Republicans.

      1. True, but no one thought Kapanke would win and many gave Hopper a 50/50 shot at best. The real heartbreaker for your side was the Pasch loss to Darling. Heeyooooge money, effort and BBQ went into supporting Pasch.

        1. Yeah, the BBQ just couldn’t compete with the gift cards some folks on the right were giving out to volunteers who collected signatures.

    2. You folks should understand there are 2 facts at play here.

      1) 2 of 6 incumbent R’s (all districts Walker won, to boot) lost their seats due to their overreaching. 0 of 3 D’s (all districts Walker won, to boot) lost their seats for taking extreme measures to obstruct that overreach.

      2) Unfortunately, completely unrelated, it would have taken 3 to change the majority.

      Fact 2 is mutually exclusive from fact 1. The implications of fact 1, extrapolated out, should be extremely troubling for you. Or you can stick your head in the sand and pretend you “won” because “only” 33% of your incumbents in red districts lost, but you didn’t lose as bad as an arbitrary number would have required for a loss of the majority. Honestly, we’d prefer the latter, so keep on keepin on.

      1. Any seasoned politico will tell you that current election results do not necessarily predict future outcomes. Should your side foolishly attempt a recall of Walker, it will be interesting to see if your “extrapolation” becomes reality.

      2. And let’s not forget that Scott Walker isn’t the only elected official eligible to be recalled in 2012.

        If I were Van Wangaard or Pam Galloway, I’d be a little nervous at the results of these recall elections.

  1. I have an important number for the right-wing nutjobs: Zero. That’s the number of brain cells you have.

  2. I prefer to think of it as Operation Market Garden. A qualified success (+2 seats), but the ultimate goal was not achieved (flip the senate). As Montgomery said of Operation Market Garden, it was “90% successful.”

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