Will there be recalls of WI State Senators in 2012? I hope so, and I know I’m not alone!

Though the 2011 recall elections are behind us, efforts to recall those Republican State Senators who voted in lockstep with Gov. Scott Walker’s radical anti-public employee, pro-big business agenda may not be over.

Beginning in November of this year, the four Republican State Senators elected in 2010 (Pam Galloway of Wausau, Terry Moulton of Chippewa Falls, Leah Vukmir of Wauwatosa, and Van Wangaard of Racine) will be eligible to have petitions circulated to initiate recalls against them. There’s been some speculation that recalling just one of those four Republicans would be the fastest way for Democrats to regain control of the State Senate, and I’m in agreement with xoff that Democrats should at least try to recall two or three of the four Republicans elected in 2010, with Leh Vukmir being the only exception, given the makeup of the district she represents.

As xoff notes, Pam Galloway would be the best bet to lose her seat in a recall election, as her win over Democrat Russ Decker in 2010 was seen as a surprise, and she won her race with just 52% of the vote. However, given how they’ve voted in lockstep for Gov. Walker’s radical agenda – an agenda that has yet to produce significant job creation but which certainly has benefited the wealthy and big businesses – I’d argue that Van Wangaard and Terry Moulton could face tough fights if enough signatures were gathered to trigger recall elections against them.

While the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the various interest groups have been playing their cards close to their vests regarding the logisticts of a possible recall against Gov. Scott Walker, they’d be foolish not to consider working towards recalling some of the Republican State Senators elected in 2010, because that seems to be the Democrats’ best chance at regaining control of the State Senate sooner rather than later.


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9 thoughts on “Will there be recalls of WI State Senators in 2012? I hope so, and I know I’m not alone!

  1. I agree! Pam Galloway is the one who introduced the CC law with no training necessary and no database available to the police because she doesn’t trust our police officers.

  2. DPW spokesman Graeme Zielinski says the party is not comtemplating the recall of any more GOP state senators. They’re also unclear about going ahead with a Walker recall.

    Who’s in charge down there?

  3. I am curious if the Democratic Party of Wisconsin actually thinks they have the ability to delay the filing of a recall petition against Walker? Or against the Senators in question. The genie is out of the bottle, the people are taking charge of politics directly. I expect regardless of the party’s desire to try and get a recall based election in the same time frame as Obama’s election there will be something filed much much earlier than they want

    1. I think the DPW knows they can’t stop anyone from initiating a recall effort against any elected official in Wisconsin, but I’d hope that folks realize that any successful recall effort will need to include the DPW in some way, shape, or form.

      1. Yup. And would also be wise to take advantage of the best turnout scenario possible. I’m the least party machine loyal person there is, but the whole “I’m cutting my wrists because daddy told me not to” thing is stupid.

        1. Yeah, a successful statewide recall of Gov. Walker is going to require “all hands on deck,” so it seems kinda dumb to start talking about which groups shouldn’t be part of the process.

  4. Never in a million years would I say they shouldn’t be involved, simply that they need to stop trying to make secretive and tactical plans that won’t have grass roots support. I believe that the papers are going to get pulled early and the DPW needs to be ready to get on board when it happens because from that point there is no going back

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