Yet another example of conservatives harassing recall supporters

C’mon Walker supporters….defend this:

A Hartland man told 27 News he used television news video to contact people who signed recall petitions against Governor Scott Walker, prompting at least one person to contact police.

“It wasn’t a harassing call by any means,” Kevin Stoll told 27 News.

A Dane County resident named Michelle, who asked that her identity be kept private because Stoll had already obtained some of her personal information, characterized a call she received from him Nov. 25 as harassing.

“It’s 10:30 at night and there’s apparently somebody who knows where you live. It’s just a very unnerving and frightening feeling.”

Here we have yet another example of conservatives behaving badly, leaving me to wonder….

If supporters of Gov. Scott Walker aren’t worried about him being successfully recalled, then why do they feel the need to resort to harassment, destruction and defacement of recall petitions, and outright violence against recall supporters?


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50 thoughts on “Yet another example of conservatives harassing recall supporters

  1. What sort of moron goes on television to brag about harrassing people when his address and telephone number can be looked up in the White Pages by anyone?

  2. The same kind of moron that goes on television and brags about signing recall papers 80 times. Just more proof of fraud by liberals.

  3. Zach give me a break. Pouring beer on a state senitor, harrasing senitors children when they come to the capital teachers harrasing coworkers who don’t support their union. Or the woman who sent death threats to our senitors our recall thugs throwing eggs at peoples cars in waukesha how about all the hate off people saying they should kill Scott Walker or hoping walkers family gets raped. How about the man who encouraged people to harrass Walkers kids. So don’t even try and tell us “yet another example” give me a break know one takes you serious because all you are is a puppet for union goons so just stop trying. GOML.

    1. Mike, lots of people take me seriously, just as they take these acts of violence and harassment against recall supporters seriously.

      The fact that you’re not outraged that conservatives are engaging in these types of behaviors tells me a lot about you.

  4. Jeff the mans name is “Miles Kristen” he posted links to both of the Walkers boys on facebook.

    Zach when you denounce the actions of these people agianst republican elected officials, their families and the people of the great state of Wisconsin that these recall thugs harrass day in and day out because they have a different political views then I will do the same but until that time I will not because Zach I know you think what these union goons do is soo cute and funny. So don’t preach to me about you being “outraged” by these behaviors.

  5. Me to Zach I can’t wait to see your next article denouncing the actions of those thugs.

    I will though Zach denounce what this man did what this guy did was stupid and wrong. Juat think its funny you cry foul on this but you wont admit your party does the same.

    1. Cite me an example of someone from my side calling someone they disagree with on the phone at 10:30 p.m. after getting that person’s name off a newscast.

      The fact that it took you as long as it did to denounce this (weakly, I might add) says a lot.

  6. Oh Zach just stop. Your side threw an egg at a car!!! Your side poured beer on a man. Your side sent death threats. So yes Zach I will one up your cite.
    My cite: woman sends emails to GOP senators saying “YOU WILL DIE!!!” so no your side skips the late annoying calls and go right to death threats.

  7. Zach- Still waiting for you to denounce the actions of people on your side. Havn’t heard you say anything yet.

    1. Mike, I’ve provided a link, unlike you.

      And for every egg thrown or beer poured, I can cite an example of someone from your side committing a felony by defacing recall petitions, steering their car towards signature collectors, etc., so get off your high horse. The fact is, for all your caterwauling about what some on the left are doing, your side’s no better (and I’d argue your side is worse).

      If you want more examples of me denouncing folks from my side., just do a quick search of the site and you’ll find no shortage of posts in which I denounce folks on my side of things.

      1. It needs to be pointed out that Mike does not denounce those on his side who do such things, and probably approves. But until he denounces, I guess we have to assume he approves, beyond assuming he likes to whine about Zach.

  8. Zach really a man on your side did the same thing defacing a recall petition over the summer. And yes please site me an example of someone sending death threats to democrats in the state. Cite me an example of republicans harrassing senators children or hope they get killed or hoping their families get raped. The fact is your side is ten times worse than our and this has been going on forever. Like slashing tires on republican vans.

    1. Who defaced a petition over the summer? Cite me concrete evidence – not just anecdotal “evidence.” A formal charge/conviction record would suffice.

    1. Actually, Mike’s low academic performance probably explains why he resents teachers and the educated like most dead-end GOPs do. I’m sure he thinks his failures in the classroom and in life are all his teacher’s fault.

      What a loser, but deflection and violence from these dead-enders are all the Walker folks have left. They’ve lost the policy argument.

  9. Here we go again blue fisted losers,losing the argument resort to their usual name calling. The truth is all the teachers faults are due to their union lying and keeping them enraged. Mike if you want principled debate you won’t find here.

    1. Irony is you calling lefties out for name calling while calling them losers.

      And despite the lack of a principled debate here (at least according to you), you still continue to visit.

  10. Have a video for you Zach. Are you going to denounce these actions of these thugs who did this?? This was Democratic State Senator Jim Holperin recall.

    1. There’s no evidence on that video that anyone did anything. It’s a shot of a blank recall petition that’s been scribbled on. What Zach linked to was an actual news story. Nice try, Mikey. But FAIL.

      1. Exactly…who defaced that petition? All I see is a video that shows an already defaced petition.

        I want evidence, not some random video that doesn’t prove anything.

    1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man… You crack me UP! You’re funnier than Lewis Black! Man…

  11. Phil Scarr buddy!!! Whats up? You seemed to have disappeared after I asked you to name a school that has seen teacher layoffs after they took the tools Scott Walker gave them. You never answered me so what was the deal man? You just forget to respond? Truth is I was really looking forward to seeing all these schools you mentioned.

    1. Mike, there HAVE been layoffs in school districts throughout the state. There would have been even more layoffs had a record number of teachers not taken early retirement after Walker took office. You fail to recognize that many school districts have been operating with federal stimulus dollars from the past year. Come 2012, that money will be gone, and the dire effects of Walker’s cuts will become obvious.

    2. Mike, I’m sure you are vitally familiar with Walker’s tools. Alas, you don’t seem all that familiar with reality.

  12. First off Jeff you gave me a link to this blog. This blog is a puppet for lefties so don’t even try to pass this as a creditable source.

    Jeff did you do research on this dristrict like I did? Because if you did then you should already know that this district rammed through teacher contracts before Scott Walker passed the bill. This means that while teachers now have to contribute to their OWN pensions like almost all private sector people do and will not have free healthcare and have to pay 12.6% (1/2 the national avg. btw) the school district did not competitvly bid out its healthcare meaning they’re still over paying for WEA. Now jeff any more questions “that I don’t answer”?

  13. Yes actually the first one. If your pissed at Miles you must really be mad at macgyver. They splashed the govs kids all over the internets. It doesnt fit into your stretch of a theme so it wont be addressed.

    Actually yes I “studied” the MGSD since I am a part of it. They forced the pay cut on the teachers like walkers tools and we were still hundreds of thousands short. We would really have been hurting had it not been for the Presidents stimulus but that blows your loony talking points out of the water doesnt it.

  14. Jeff i assure you they didn’t Bid our their healthcare. What does the stimulus have to do with this. Cool the stimulus saved you guys for a yeqr. Enjoy the teacher layoffs or tax increase. Must suck to bein the choke hold of the teachers union.

  15. We had to cover 800 k this year and two million next year minimum. Bidding out health care would not have changed that. We laid off teachers this year and cut services, we will do the same next year. Bidding out health care would not have changed that. It was all caused by the walker draconian cuts on education this year, bidding on healthcare is not the problem.

    By the way no matter if they bid healthcare or not Jeff knutson was 100% wrong in his ad.

    ready to denounce the actions of the macgruber institute?

  16. Jeff most schools have save $500,000 plus in bidding out its healthcare some over $850,000. So explain to me using facts and figures how budding out doesn’t help.

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