Kelda Helen Roys was right, Republicans blew it!

During the debates in the state assembly over bill SB306, that will add intrusive barriers for women seeking safe and legal abortions, Rep. Kelda Helen Roys proposed an amendment requiring any man seeking a prescription for Viagra to have a cardiac stress test first. Of course this amendment was voted down…but it is actually sound medical advice. Erectile dysfunction is often an indicator of potential cardiac issues in the future. Blood flow restriction is one part of the anatomy can warn of similar restrictions or clogs in other vital organs or arterial systems. Although she was trying to be sarcastic at the time…the Republicans would have science on their side if they’d accepted the amendment.

BTW: WI Rep. Roys is running for the US Congress in Wisconsin’s second CD against WI Rep. Mark Pocan and Dane Co Treas. Dave Worzala to replace Rep. Tammy Baldwin.


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1 thought on “Kelda Helen Roys was right, Republicans blew it!

  1. Kelda Helen Roys is a courageous, highly intelligent, caring and determined woman for whom I have the utmost respect. “We the people” need her voice in the U.S. congress, along with as many Progressive women who care to serve. I am NOT surprised that she has spoken out against these despicable men and their comments about women.

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