Grigsby announces retirement from Assembly, first candidate announces for the seat

Earlier this week Democratic State Rep. Tamara Grigsby, who’s been courageously battling serious health issues, announced she will not be seeking reelection to the State Assembly in the 18th district, instead choosing to focus on her health.

No doubt the race to succeed Rep. Grigsby in the Assembly will be a barnburner, and earlier tooday lifelong Milwaukee resident and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student Lisa Erin Brown officially announced herself a candidate for the 18th Assembly district to replace Rep. Grigsby. Here’s Brown’s statement announcing her candidacy.

“I may not be a lawyer or an established politician,” Brown said, “but I am a citizen that recognizes real-life struggles and hardships within my community and the state at large.”

Brown added, “I understand that running for this position leaves me with big shoes to fill. Rep. Grigsby is an amazing woman and I will do my best to do right by her and her constituents.”

I expect to see no shortage of candidates for Rep. Grigsby’s seat, but former County Supervisor candidate Dan Cody won’t be among them.


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4 thoughts on “Grigsby announces retirement from Assembly, first candidate announces for the seat

  1. Lisa is clueless on the issues .. FYI Lisa a bit of advice , seeing I was like #2 on your facebook page , when someone asks you a question and block them because you dont have a clue – it looks really bad. Also, you may want to remove the facial peircings , its really hard to take you seriously..

  2. I happen to know Lisa and think she would be an amazingly fresh, honest representative for Wisconsin. What she might lack in cold, hard experience in an elected office she more than makes up for in earnestness. I never underestimate honesty and earnestness and sheer will to do the right thing.

  3. Brian T, I never blocked anyone aside from Asher Heimermann for writing rude, vulgar comments. I also removed the comment of a gentleman who was instigating for information, who happened to be the campaign manager for an opponent. It was unnecessary to have on my page. He was never blocked though.

    As for the “facial piercing” I have, I would not remove it for political reasons. My one nose piercing shouldn’t be a deciding factor in whether or not I am competent and capable of performing a job. It doesn’t make my commitment any less.

    Thank you.

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