Pasch reelection campaign announces first wave of endorsements

On Friday Democratic State Rep. Sandy Pasch announced the first wave of endorsements of her re-election campaign in Wisconsin’s new 10th Assembly District.

Here’s a list of those endorsements:

  • State Senator Chris Larson
  • State Representative Tamara Grigsby
  • State Representative Jon Richards
  • State Representative Christine Sinicki
  • State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa
  • Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele
  • Milwaukee County Supervisor Gerry Broderick
  • Milwaukee County Supervisor Nikiya Harris
  • Milwaukee County Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb
  • City of Milwaukee Alderman Nik Kovac

And here’s a statement from Rep. Grigsby regarding her endorsement of Rep. Pasch.

“Throughout her past two terms in representing the greater Milwaukee area – and as Assistant Assembly Democratic Leader and chair of the Milwaukee Democratic Legislative Caucus – Rep. Pasch has demonstrated that she is a passionate and steadfast champion for Milwaukee’s families in the State Assembly,” said Rep. Grigsby in her endorsement announcement last week. “She is a proven leader and advocate for the issues affecting Milwaukee’s communities, and I am excited to endorse her candidacy for re-election in the new 10th Assembly District.”

What’s interesting to me is that the race in the 10th AD seems to be a proxy fight between Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor and Sen. Larson, each of whom is supporting different candidates in the multiple contested Assembly primaries throughout the City of Milwaukee and each of whom seems to be trying to build a base of support in the Legislature.


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3 thoughts on “Pasch reelection campaign announces first wave of endorsements

  1. Looks like Lena Taylor and Chris Larson are using the 2012 Assembly primaries to try to build a bench for possible 2014 gubernatorial runs.

    The Milwaukee Proxy Fight is on!

  2. Larson and Taylor may be both trying to gain power within Milwaukee politics over these endorsements. After the primary date is over, it would be good if they formed alliances with one another because both Larson and Taylor are outsiders of the DPW in Madison. When the DPW chair is up next year the Milwaukee Democrats are the only ones if they are united that can change the DPW for the better.

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