David Clarke: the turd in Milwaukee County’s punchbowl

Milwaukee County, this is your duly elected sheriff – or as I like to call him, the “turd in Milwaukee County’s punchbowl.”

milwaukee county supervisor false accusation

I can’t help but wonder if Fran McLaughlin, Clarke’s spokesperson, is happy to have her name on this turd of a press release.


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21 thoughts on “David Clarke: the turd in Milwaukee County’s punchbowl

  1. Ach. It’s true…… Holy crap. How unprofessional can a person be? Unbelievable.

    I wonder what the A. in David A. Clarke stands for?

  2. I cannot believe we are supposed to take this guy seriously. He sounds like he’s starting to lose it mentally.

  3. and you a an idiot like little boy weisham. You people are nothing but fucking assholes stick your blue fist up your cunts

  4. Rick, please apologize for the insults to Supervisor Weishan. You may not agree with his policies, but he’s a veteran. He served with the U.S. Marines. If you cannot respect him, please respect his service.

  5. Hey Rick Smith- Lovely. Has the sheriff been taking public relations lessons from you? I’d love to see THAT in a press release.

    Regardless of what a person’s politics are, when you are in lead position, that type of languagein a press release or any working environment is inappropriate. But you knew that, didn’t you?

    1. CJ, well said.

      Respect for an “office,” in a branch of government is crucial to any functioning democracy.

      “Band of Brothers – We salute the rank, not the man!”

  6. This should cost Sheriff Clarke his job, and I would say the same for anyone else, regardless of affiliation or orientation. This demonstrates a breakdown in discipline of someone who is entrusted with the responsibility of running a quasi military operation. He has failed as a leader.

    1. I agree. If this is the kind of behavior Clarke exhibits, how can he presume to have any moral authority if one of his deputies were to act in a similar manner?

  7. Zach,
    I’m as right wing as they come, but I just can’t fathom the love affair between the Republican’s and David Clark. He’s done nothing but run the sheriff’s department into the ground. Press releases like this demean the office of the sheriff. I disagree with Supervisor Weishan on many issues but wouldn’t resort to such idiotic name calling that the sheriff stoops to. No I don’t work for the sheriff’s department and never did. I would love to see Clark out, but no one credible has stepped up to the plate. It’s a shame because within 5 years there won’t be a sheriff’s department. I’m starting to think that’s the plan.

    1. John, you could be right, but I also see this as a continuation of a pattern I’ve noticed.

      I honestly believe Sheriff Clarke lashes out like this because he’s frustrated. He knows this is the highest office he’ll ever attain, and that makes him crazy, because the guy’s got an ego the size of our fair state.

  8. Wow, the sheriff — or his mouthpiece — can’t even articulate an attack correctly. To “diminish the danger” to law officers is a good thing, folks, so he actually, if entirely unintentionally, praised Weishan! (Clarke — or his mouthpiece McLaughlin — just have meant to say . . . “dismissed the danger”? “diminished the ability to respond to danger”? I dunno. His words, his problem. Of course, that he’s sheriff is our problem, so let’s make that office the next goal and remove him, the first of the fake Democrats.)

  9. “I would love to see Clark out, but no one credible has stepped up to the plate.”

    And Clarke is credible? If so, what a sad day it is.

  10. Asshole is right but also the biggest crybaby in the state. This piece of shit monitors this websight. And what’s with that goofy fucking cowboy hat. This ain’t Wyoming you dumb shit.

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