My highlights from the 2012 DNC convention

Here are the three best speeches (in my opinion) from the 2012 Democratic National convention.

First is the speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama, which was positively masterful. The First Lady was tremendously effective in personalizing President Obama and highlighting his strengths, not only as a president but more importantly as a husband, father, and human being.

And here’s the speech by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who did a great job of not only making the case for President Obama’s reelection, but who also did a good job of touting his own accomplishments in Massachusetts (2016 is right around the corner, after all!).

And last (but most certainly not least) is the speech by former President Bill Clinton, who not only eviscerated the failed policies of the Republican ticket, but who explained in plain talk how our nation really is better off now than it was four years ago.


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5 thoughts on “My highlights from the 2012 DNC convention

  1. “how our nation really is better off now than it was four years ago” — you can say it all you want but that doesn’t make it true. By what measure are we better off? Higher unemployment, much higher deficit spending, etc.

    1. Monthly job losses when Obama took office were 700,000 per month.

      We’ve now had 40+ months of positive job creation.

      Are you really trying to argue that we were better off in early 2009 when the economy was losing 700+ thousand jobs per month as opposed to now?

      That’s absolute idiocy.

      1. The problem with the monthly job numbers is they intentionally use “private sector jobs”. Obama’s team very specifically manages to exclude the public sector jobs such as teacher, fire fighter, police officer and probation officer when talking about how many months they have had of job growth. I will never say I prefer George W.’s economy to Obama’s but it does suck to be told you don’t count by your own team…

  2. Jennifer Granholm gave us the biggest one-liner of the convention: “In Mitt Romney’s world, the cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft!”

  3. FMSN,

    How many graphs would you need to see for you to accept that this nation is better off than it was four years ago? There are many to be found with little effort. If you really need a visual, I’m sure I could find more than one graph that would suffice. Corporate profits are soaring, the stock market is doing well, the private sector has rebounded. Unemployment is not higher than it was in 2009, and it continues slowly to decline. If you’re worried about which metric to use, then don’t use unemployment unless you’ve looked at the numbers thoroughly. It isn’t a good metric because those numbers aren’t so straightforward. Listen, I’m no fan of Obama’s stimulus – it was too small and included too many tax breaks. But facts are facts, it moved us from “in the red” to “in the black” and staved off a Depression crisis.

    Just out of curiosity what do you think a better course would have been – a better solution than the one Obama implemented?

    And what do you think should be done now?

    What’s dragging the economy down now is a shrunken public sector and too much household debt. What would you propose we do about those two matters? Spending reduction while the economy is still slumped will merely send us back into cyclical recession – possibly for decades – Japan is a good case in point for retreating from stimulus into spending cuts.

    Another question – what is your metric for saying that this nation isn’t better off than it was four years ago?

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