Republicans in Desperate Race to Deny Demographic Changes

Republican gerrymandering of district lines may begin to pay off in other ways than winning a disproportionate number of state legislative seats. With control of state legislatures in the majority of states, many in blue states, Republicans are expected to introduce bills that would eliminate the winner-take-all electoral college rule.

So, despite losing the popular vote by a substantial margin, Republicans continue to look for ways to preserve their WASP advantage even though the nation is tilting away from that demographic.  Keep an eye on Walker and his minions. 

Putin would be proud.

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8 thoughts on “Republicans in Desperate Race to Deny Demographic Changes

  1. And some Democrats have suggested and proposed eliminating the electoral college altogether (or at least awarding them to the national popular vote winner despite the outcome in a particular state). How do you feel about that? Isn’t that just another way to create an advantage?

    1. Interesting question. Thing is, people from both sides have discussed that. Their motives were rational questions of whether the electoral college was outmoded. Not cynical power grab attempts. Nice try though.

      1. Nebraska and Maine award electoral votes by congressional district. Not saying I agree with it, but was that because the system was outmoded or was that a power grab?

  2. @2:41pm … Sure. But you zeroed in on Dems. The questions asked (I can’t remember where I read it) were a bi-partisan look at whether the electoral college needed to be eliminated or changed due to changing demographics and, of course, it is 200+ years old.

  3. @2:42pm … I do not know the circumstances. Why don’t you investigate and let me know? I’d be curious for the reasoning.

    1. Well it’s your post. Do your homework before typing such ridiculous statements like “Putin would be proud.”

  4. Believe it. And yes, watch Scotty and his henchmen. No sooner read this post when I noticed the chief yodeler from the Faux News Echo Chamber of the North had weighed in on this very topic. BTW the editorial writer used to call himself a progressive when it was politically expedient and has a case of etchasketch worse than Mitt. So nobody with the intellectual ability of a hamster reads all the way to the bottom or takes his rants seriously.

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