Sen. Lindsey Graham Reminds Me Of The Disgusting Stuff I Have To Scrape Off My Shoe:

Senator Lindsey Graham (R – SC) can’t seem to overcome his fixation with the tragedy at Benghazi last September 11th and vows to hold up Senate confirmations for President Obama’s nominees for Defense Secretary and CIA Director until the White House provides more answers about the incident.

Hey Senator! Four very brave Americans died in tragic circumstances in a city that was known to be unsafe in a country that little more than a year ago was a literal war zone and is barely under control of it’s current government. And it’s smack dab in the middle of an area still rife with conflict as any number of formerly repressed groups struggle to gain power.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME to leave our Defense Department and main foreign intelligence agency without adequate leadership!


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6 thoughts on “Sen. Lindsey Graham Reminds Me Of The Disgusting Stuff I Have To Scrape Off My Shoe:

  1. Begs the questions, does it not Mr. Ed, have we had adequate leadership in either of these two positions with Panetta and (Petraus, former) current acting Dir Morell, and can we expect the same old, same old diminution of US world stature with unjustified wars, drone assassinations of innocents, and disruption of national sovereignty now in 30 countries in Africa, or the further confiscation of our own civil and economic rights in this country with two more right-wing Obama led terrorists possibly taking over with the appointment of Hagel and Brennan? I think not.

    But, if you are happy with the present policy of purposeful destabilization of foreign governments as an excuse for US Military (read corporate resource grabs and MISC [Military Industrial Spy complex] interventions) spending at the expense of the poor, the elderly, the jobless and the sick, and the further degredation of US infrastructure, you might want to do you and others a bit of self-interest investigating before posing such a shallow simplified statement about a particular individual you seem to be insinuating is obstructing your god figure POTUS.

  2. So you call someone a piece of shit based on your presumptions about his (Graham’s) motives and then passive/agressively rebuke me for simply suggesting there is much more to consider (than your erroneous presumptions) before spouting off with your puny hate rant. How do you now the dead Americans were brave and were not simply lied to about what to expect in their service? Talk about assumptions, look at your own.

    Graham likely doesn’t give that much of a rat’s ass about the loss of personnel there, as much as he is concerned about sticking up for his government military contract funded campaign supporters and what would happen to their and eventually his purse strings should military funding be significantly reduced as Hagel has suggested is possible.

    If you are going to post something like this, at least pretend you did some research or thought twice before spouting off, as you have twice, now. Don’t give up your day job.

  3. Lest we forget. October 23, 1983 – 241 U.S. service personnel, 220 Marines and 21 other service personnel, are killed by a truck bomb at a Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon. It happened during the Reagan Administration. Do you remember the US response? You are an idiot Graham, there was no response.

    Becoming an ambassador is just like joining the military, it is an inherently dangerous mission that you volunteer for, you are not drafted and you understand the dangers of the mission. General Ham offered extra security personnel on several occasions and was rejected every time. Ambassador Stevens turned down the offer of assistance because he thought it “would harm relations between the US and the new government of Lebanon.”

    Benghazi happened just like Beirut that I presented earlier. shit happens…

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