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  1. A “Move To Amend” the Constitution of the United States in the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous “Citizen’s United” decision has been going well since it was begun by David Cobb and some other Washington lawyers who saw the danger of Corporate legislative takeover back when the decision came down in 2009.

    There are now over 300 local groups all across the United States aligned with the original movement at http://www.movetoamend.org.

    But since the issue became “mainstream” last year with the obnoxious amount of PAC money, going into local, state and national elections, (much of it coming from people or groups we don’t know, much of it from billionaires fueled by the toxic oil and mining industries or international gaming interests) other groups have organized to collect donations.

    This year we began hearing from the mysterious “People For The American Way” who want you to give them your money and they’ll “fight back.” There are now many others who want money to do…what?

    At Chippewa Valley Move To Amend (CVMTA) we saw the problem in 2010. We investigated David Cobb and the MoveToAmend.org and decided to join their active, transparent organization and participate in a working plan, already nationwide, to correct a problem our constitution never saw coming: The ability for the foreign corporations our forefathers fought to overcome to once again take control of our laws and private lives.

    Fragmentation, division of resources and media fatigue are sure methods to defeat any public service or competition. This strategy has been employed by the international corporate enemies of freedom and choice for decades since WWII.

    So, please, begin your own efforts to adjust the Constitution so that faceless Corporations and their international sponsors cannot buy our legislators, our laws or control our markets. But do so by aligning with the movement that has been developing a successful strategy with a positive and ongoing track record. Go to http://www.movetoamend.org and make it easier, less costly and much more possible to win this critical fight for American liberty and prosperity.

    1. Thanks, Catkin. I kinda thought you might appreciate this particular post. šŸ™‚

      But, um, with all due respect, I must disagree with your idea that the Founders didn’t see what might be coming down the pike. I think they just didn’t know how to tactically prevent it – at least after Hamilton’s funding scheme attached capitalism to the federal apparatus. Thomas Jefferson correctly observed it is near impossible to detach from capitalists and stockjobbers once they get their tentacles entwined around the body of government. Well, that’s my embellished paraphrase, needless to say. Jefferson knew, but he didn’t have Washington’s ear. Hamilton did.

  2. Citizens United will go down in our nation’s history as one of the worst decisions made by our Supreme Court, but let’s keep in mind that Citizens United was set up by the Supreme Court’s decision in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad , a decision that was reached waaaaaay back in 1886.

  3. Thomas Jefferson was in a position I often find myself: misunderstood by both friend and foe. Right from the beginning, personal ambition and Christian biblical orthodoxy drove much of the development of the neo-democracy movement. Jefferson understood that these two opposing forces, anarchy and religious orthodoxy, as well as democracy itself, had failed mankind in the past and were likely to do so again. So exceptions to the rules must be considered so as not to loose the inheritance of thousands of years of civilization. How to do this was a subject of much discussion, but the tendency of mankind to align with groups of influence will always cause distrust toward any man with a confident ability to make his own decisions. And, while that is as it should be, such confident men or women have the mandate to make a universally cognizant case for their positions. This is never done easily, and the more substantive the confident person’s position the more difficult it becomes.

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