Breaking: Reason Unshackled From Press Bonds

“These people think they have a right to everything, however secret or sacred.”

~ Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, upon learning from Adams that the Boston press had obtained letters from Jefferson and Priestley and published them in a pamphlet. Not the first rocky encounter between Jefferson and the press by any means. Press overreach, in fact, plagued Jefferson and on one occasion that overreach potentially sparked an unnecessary international incident. Eventually so disgusted by the press, he took to ignoring it altogether.

All Americans should be equally disgusted at the recent outrage expressed by the press majority’s reaction to the AP and Fox cases. To my mind, they’ve completely gone off their rockers. Irresponsible and wrongful allegations of police state tactics, to criminalizing journalism, to the most hilarious but pathetic charge against the Obama administration – that of “elitism” rip through the press pages. All of it unfounded and off base. It would seem the whole of the American press has been foxified.

Finally, the rational minority speaks. A view deserving attention – Walter Pincus on AP, Fox, and the feral press:


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1 thought on “Breaking: Reason Unshackled From Press Bonds

  1. The press, like all American industries, is in a fight for life. They are owned by corporate money pushers, like most industries. Press money pushers have to keep the game between the Republican “Patriots” and the Democratic “Union Thugs” going. For spice they like to throw in the gay and lesbian issue against both sides. Look at the comic book preference in major entertainment. Maturity is at a premium in this society. You, PJ, are a welcome anomaly. #MoveToAmend.

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