Affordable Care Act Is Not

OK…let’s get something straight…the Affordable Care Act is not equal to

The Affordable Care Act is the laws and requirements that will in fact improve the lives of millions of Americans once it is completely implemented. It is the provisions that have been shared ad infinitum across all media for the past three years. The requirement to ignore pre-existing conditions, increased minimum requirements to include diagnostic tests, keeping young people on parents policies longer, everyone has to sign on for health care coverage at some point….this is the program that will improve health care outcomes in the United States. is the bug ridden website that is supposed to allow Americans to compare and select and enroll in the coverage of their choice. It may be the most public face of the ACA but it isn’t the program. Just like other early websites, both governmental and corporate, that got off to rocky starts because of poor planning, poor design, or poor execution, will eventually perform as promised.

The failure of the virtual exchange will certainly hinder the ramp up to ACA but it isn’t the same as ACA being a failure…when the Edsel failed the pundits of the day weren’t saying it was the end of the automobile!


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9 thoughts on “Affordable Care Act Is Not

  1. Ed, thank you for your very obvious, but largely ignored by some, of the huge distinction between actual application of the law, ACA PP, versus the enrollment process. Unfortunately, there are those interested seeking to change the topic with a false premise implying shortcomings of one with the other.

    Those seeking information and/or applying for enrollment on the ACA PP web site are not examples of an Obamacare failing No one, I repeat no one, has or will have ACA PP insurance until next year; ergo, there can be no proven wrongdoing or failings since ACA PP is not yet functional. In other words, NO ONE has Obamacare nor any actual experiences with it.

    Excuse me, Ed, if I restate what you say above.

    Only limited features, as I understand it, have been applied to date for private insurance companies such as caps, preexisting conditions, and extending coverage by parents for children in college to age 26. But again, NO ONE is enrolled or paying premiums for ACA PP insurance. NO ONE!

    For many of us engaging in debate or arguments on various sites over the years, we recognize this as a classic “false premise” or “an incorrect proposition that forms a basis for argument.”

    Simply stated, let us not engage in a debate which misleads or lies about an event which has no history or actual happening. Let’s not be fooled by a false premise about Obamacare or by the fools who engage in a false premise.

  2. Obama voters are responsible for this disaster. We warned you multiplied times, you weren’t smart pen ought to comprehend. You have created prices to rise and what will be 52 million to lose coverage, all before the employer mandate kicks in, next year. Your saviors wasted $650 + million on a website that doesn’t work and has major security issues. You support lies like if you like your plan you can keep it. And if you like your doctor you can keep it, period. There is nothing “affordable” about kicking paying customers off plans and offering them new ones. And waving “subsidies” in front of rates and passing the buck to the debt.

    You have to spin this to protect your failures, but we will all hold you responsible. The facts are overwhelming the effects are real. Free phones for the poor are one thing, this is the start of your decline.

    1. Trademark,

      Even back in 2010, US per capita spending on health care was already way above the rest of the world, 17.6% of GDP.

      Netherlands was next at 12% of GDP.

      All those other country have universal coverage, Medicare-for-All. How can they spend so much less?

      Do you have a link to “free phones” for the poor? Is that like razor blade companies giving away the razor, so they can make money on the blades?

      1. Sounds more serious Zach, the plural pronoun, ‘we,’ was used with, ‘warned you.’ ® must be speaking for a group. 😉

        Too bad ® is arguing against ACA for all the wrong divide and conquer, red vs blue, left vs right, reasons. The 1% is laughing all the way to their publicly subsidized banks. Nobody here, save John Casper gets it, i.e. the real reason this POS legislation deserves to implode, it is nothing more that a huge social give-away to the medical insurance cartels. God Ble$$ the U$A. Fascism rules is the problem.

  3. Ed, we must also remember similar resistance and doomsday predictions for Social Security 80 years ago and for Medicare 50 years ago.

    The early efforts for health care for all by Presidents T. Roosevelt, Truman, and Clinton have finally come to fruition under Obama.

  4. I’ve posted a series of articles by well respected individuals who understand the politics of enabling the purely disastrous nature of ObombaDon’tCare is going to be for Democrats.

    Your distinction in the OP is noted Ed, but claiming this monstrosity is somehow “going,” to be OK, eventually for those to whom it is promoted as helping is just a lie. Get real, this is why the D party has ceased being relevant in so many ways. 15K paid members in the state according to Tate in a recent post comment here.

    The Obamacare Disaster and the Poison of Party Loyalty

  5. So where is a Democrats with spine enough to attack the problem that they should have in ’09 – ’10, when 74% of the voters were in favor of single-payer? What we have now is inadequate for the purposes of providing health-care…you will still only get what you can afford and not what you might need in the way of health CARE.

    Why the continual whining and apologetic for sub-standard CARE and over-priced policies guaranteeing nothing for CARE? Why only this ObombaDon’tCare programm (which we know is the absolute truth) or nothing, i.e. the status quo? There’s no US Congressional Representative willing even attempt to turn the tide to ultimate favorability for the Democratic Party come 2014?

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