Republican Sen. Mike Johanns likens confirming Obama judicial nominees to protecting slavery (VIDEO)

This is absolutely nuts.

JOHANNS: They can appoint the entire judiciary of the United States in the District Courts and in the Circuit Courts with absolutely no involvement whatsoever from the minority. None. That’s what their rule change did. Let me take that rule change and think out loud about where we put ourselves as a country. I wonder who was the first United States Senator in our history who came to the floor and said, “My fellow Senators, I have thought about this, I have contemplated it, maybe I have even prayed about it. And I believe the day has arrived to end slavery in the United States. And I will be attaching an amendment to every bill to end that horrific practice. I’ll bet they were a very lonely United States Senator at that point in time. But I’m also guessing that that Senator and tenacious other Senators along the way exercised their rights as a minority and as an individual United States Senator to continue to force that issue. What a courageous, remarkable thing to do.

Watch for yourselves:


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10 thoughts on “Republican Sen. Mike Johanns likens confirming Obama judicial nominees to protecting slavery (VIDEO)

  1. On minority opinion and rights in the Senate:

    “What a courageous, remarkable thing to do.”

    This guy could easily be referring to WI’s Fab Fourteen in Illinois not too very long ago.

    (where’s Blaska when you need him, defending the GOTP’s POV)

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  3. The blog misses the point intentionally and then fabricates a self serving headline.
    While the point could possibly be explained it is doubtful it could be comprehended.

    1. I’d read the linked TP article earlier and this Senator comparing himself and the minority Senate membership, to the first abolitionists starting to speak up against slavery is the obvious absurdity.

      What is “obvious,” is the repetitive whining from Republicans, pretty much at the drop of a hat, about being the victims of some imagined wrong done to them, and here in WI it is rampant even within the full executive and legislative ruling majority for the moment.

      Example: Walker conflating collective white racism as being an attack on (the GOTP as victims) collective “free speech,” and pretending the racists are the poor oppressed party here.

      With all his talk about collective voices, you’d think Walker was becoming a follower of communist thinking. By subsuming this additional facet of State power to make decisions onto his minions in the DOA, he’s obviously got the dictatorial facets of communist leadership figured out, too.

      Easy Peasy, point explained and I’m sure the readers here will be able to comprehend. Have a little faith in the readers, brother.

        1. Impossible, you made NO point what-so-ever regarding the article, but you took the time to insult the intelligence of BB readers. ROTFLMAO!!!

          Good thing you didn’t get hooked on that (BAIT) simple declarative sentence from Zach, “This is absolutely nuts.” Aren’t you clever!! LOL!!!

          1. Go back and re-read my original comment. It was 2 simple statements directed at the blog.
            Did not say anything about “me” making a point. You did.
            Did not say anything about BB readers. You did.
            You have replied twice now while unnecessarily flying off the handle.
            Perhaps the third time is the charm.
            Good luck.

            1. I’ll type slower this time, might be less confusing, eh? No need to re-read your first comment (where is that industrial strength brain bleach?) and please quit your flattery, I’m absolutely charming with every comment, don’t need any luck there. 😉

              I-guy, you claim a point was missed by the blog. You’ve refused to describe the point you feel was missed, therefore how is anyone (including Zach) reading your comment supposed to figure out WTF you were referring to if it is too much trouble for you to write it out? Mental telepathy?

              Thus I had a huge laugh at your expense, with your ridiculous comment about my somehow validating your, “post,” and thought it just too precious not to share the laugh that I had.

              So go play it safe, no one can argue a “missed point,” that you’ve yet to disclose so far, or, maybe just cannot describe. Meanwhile, I’ll have to add a new phrase to my writing journal repertoire, “she flew off the handle, in an uncontrollable fit of riotous laughter.” You brightened an otherwise ordinary day. Gotta go feed the kids. Later.

              As our mascot and ALEC bobble-head Scotty would say, “Thank$ a Million.”

  4. “Some days the search for the daily nugget of Republican idiocy takes longer than usual. Other days, it just falls in your lap.”

    A vast majority of the American people are well aware of the deliberate and voluminous obstruction tactics by McConnell and his simple-minded minority. The GOP’s and the so-called independents’ whining is a waste of time and space.

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