2 thoughts on “Guns, guns guns

  1. Ok, I let it sink in. What’s your point?
    Is it that our Western society is extremely sick and we stick our heads in the sand regarding the culture of violence that emanates from Hollywood, “game” manufacturers and more? Kids don’t know right from wrong anymore and have no respect for life. Is it that we let the mentally ill remain immune from FBI background checks? Wouldn’t want to violate their right to privacy. Or are we supposed to naively believe that the red, white and blue prop is “the problem”?

  2. Yes ig, you are right, our society (and capitalism as an economic system) fails to account and take responsibilities for the ills created by the system. Fails to benefit in any fashion 99% of the population of this country. Be it rampant pollution, war (military profiteering) and attendant death and destruction wrecked on the “others,” around the world, or unregulated extraction of public resources for the financial benefit of a few at expense of everyone else, which is implicitly denying any sustainability of life in general, the predictable outcome of this system, this is where we are at.

    A functioning health care system would be accommodating mental health needs of the population (Reagan turned the most in need, out on the street and into prisons), a functioning sustainable economy that met at least the basic physical needs of the entire population would change the culture of violence, etc. which addresses the gun question to a large extent. The rest of the ills of capitalism, I’ll leave to you to think about as they are off the particular focus of diary post.

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