Changing The Conversation On Climate Change

There are two types of climate change deniers. The first ones deny that climate change even exists, and the second group accept climate change but deny man’s contribution to the problem.

The first group should be totally ignored. They will not be swayed and won’t accept climate change as reality until they are treading water. Just forget about them.

The second group can be allies. Even if they aren’t convinced of man’s influence on climatic changes, there are a lot of things that still need to be accomplished that they would probably be amenable to work on. For instance, rebuilding the various coastlines to accommodate higher sea levels, higher tides and more severe hurricanes. There will certainly be opportunities to work on ways to remediate continued and more severe inland droughts and the desertification of larger parts of currently arable land. The Sahara just keeps creeping south for instance. There will need to be a solid consensus to make those type of projects viable.

And at some point they may even accept that reducing man’s carbon footprint may help, even if they don’t believe mankind is the cause.

Just a little thinking out loud on a Saturday night…


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