Bernie Sanders weighs Democratic challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016

Yes please…

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) is gearing up for a presidential primary challenge against Hillary Clinton and hopes to capitalize on Democratic concerns over Clinton’s coziness with Wall Street banks.

Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats, plans to travel to two crucial presidential battleground states next month.

He will speak at an AFL-CIO breakfast hosted in Manchester, N.H., over Labor Day weekend and then travel to Iowa in mid-September, when Clinton will be there building support for her own 2016 campaign.

Sanders plans to return to New Hampshire, which neighbors his home state, on Sept. 27 to speak at the Stafford County Democrats annual dinner near Durham, according to his staff.


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1 thought on “Bernie Sanders weighs Democratic challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016

  1. I like Bernie Sanders and having him as part of the debates is a good thing. I do not see him able to win a primary and I just cannot think of anyone off hand that can beat Clinton in a Democratic Primary but stranger things have happened in the past. I would not mind Hillary Clinton as president but I am not going to coronate her a couple of years before the first primary. The primary process is a place for a candidate to emerge like a Bernie Sanders that nobody thought had a chance a couple years out.

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