Charlie Sykes thinks there should be a lynching in Seattle

This is absolutely despicable coming from a “Christian” (and I use that word very loosely) like right-wing squawk radio host Charlie Sykes.

There’s a certain amount of irony in Charlie Sykes invoking God via Twitter, as if he’s a good Christian and not a thrice-married adulterer.


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19 thoughts on “Charlie Sykes thinks there should be a lynching in Seattle

  1. I get that he’s trying to make a play on words with Marshawn Lynch’s surname… but that actually makes it worse. Don’t drag a black man into your “joke” about lynching.

    Lynching is in a category along with other forms of genocide and senseless violence that is just not something to joke about, doubly so if the “joke” is a suggestion to carry out the act.

    I spent a while struggling to come up with an equally outrageously offensive attempt at a “joke” that would make reference to terrible violence/oppression falling upon Sykes or his or ancestors… but I couldn’t come up with anything. Not because I lack creativity and not because I’m too decent to stoop that low. Rather, it’s because there’s no historical violence/oppression to reference.

    That, for the uninitiated, is what we call “white privilege.”

    1. “There’s no historical violence/oppression to reference.”

      Really? Ever hear of the holocaust? How about the millions who died during Russia’s experiment with collectivism? Not many are aware that the word slavery derives from the word Slav, ie Slavic people.

      The notion that white people have never suffered from violence or oppression is laughable. But then I am white, so feel free to disregard my argument because of my pigmentation, because there would be nothing at all oppressive about that.

      1. Since you’re bringing up violence against Jews, what if there was a player with the last name “Pogrom”, and Sykes commented, “There should be a Pogrom in Seattle tomorrow.” Would that still be OK with you, Denis?

      2. You’re almost there! Now connect the dots…
        Joking about lynching is like joking about the Holocaust.

        Victims of lynching and the Holocaust have already suffered enough. They deserve better than for their memories to be dragged out for use as a foil in a lazy attempt at humor. Sykes’ attempt at a “joke” shows that he has no respect for the real (mostly African-American) lives lost to lynching.

        On the issue of white privilege, it might be easier for you to understand if we called it “white American privilege.” The examples you cited of white people being oppressed all occurred at a great distance of space and time from white Americans like Mr. Sykes.

        White Americans have never really had to deal with facing large-scale systemic violence or oppression on a day-to-day basis. (Yes, there were some white American POWs in concentration camps, and that is tragic, but it wasn’t an everyday threat to all white Americans.)

        In contrast, from emancipation through about the 1950s every African-American going about their daily lives faced the real possibility of being lynched at any moment just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (yes, even in the North).

        White privilege is simply not ever having to worry about this or the other forms of race-based oppression which still persist.

        Put another way, the real fear of being lynched, or denied the right to vote, denied housing in certain areas, denied the ability to participate fully in commerce, being discriminated against in the workplace, automatically being suspected of being a criminal, or being assumed to have super-human strength and therefore seen as a threat, etc., is, in effect, a tax. White privilege is not having to pay that tax.

        1. Past history is a big factor here, too. Chuckles has been a race-baiter for his entire on-air career – heck, it’s the only reason WisGOP wins in blue-collar areas. This type of garbage is par for the course with this crew.

          And AM 620 (“Wisconsin’s radio station”) let’s Chuckles throw this out there without consequence, or any countering opinion at any time on its airwaves. This has to be combatted and ended.

          Someone might want to ask a certain presidential candidate what he thinks of his buddy Charlie’s comments.

          1. It is pretty amazing that the state’s biggest radio station and media company is so servile to the GOP, and the Democrats aren’t guaranteed equal time. I mean, Sykes and Wagner blatantly campaigned for Walker on-air before he was first elected governor. Walker literally thanked Sykes on-air for his support the day after the election.

            Is the DPW going to bring this comment up with Journal Communications at all? Makes you wonder.

            1. Mase- The DPW never plays hardball with that GOP-agenda machine based out of 4th and State and Radio City. And I have no explanation why (and why they continue to play that losing hand), because the casual dope actually thinks the J-S and 620 are playing it straight and decent. Far from it.

              1. Not playing hard ball with the likes of Journal Communications means that the DPW is ceding a huge portion of the public debate. Maybe it’s time for a new strategy.

      3. Stop putting US racial relationships into societies that are have an entirely different structure.

        The Jewish people were (and are still) not considered white in any other place in the world other than the US. Just read about antisemitism in Europe and you will instantly understand. And even then there is still antisemitism in the United States all over the place by Christians who do not consider Jewish people white where you can read in far left, far right, Radical Islamic and Radical Christian groups. Also Jewish people are not all light and fair skinned either, many are black.

        Read about New antisemitism, and come back to me on the subject before you make such assumptions.

  2. We’ll just disregard your argument because the OP’s tasteless statement from Sykes was a stereotypical white against black racist comment.

    1. Traditional Judaism is matrilineal so if your mother was Jewish, you’re Jewish ethnically. If his mother was Jewish, he is ethnically, however if she isn’t – he isn’t. The liberal movements go by father or mother. I’m not sure if Charlie Sykes either parents are Jewish, so… If he is not ethnically Jewish and he hasn’t converted, he really has no reason to claim that as a flag to wave around when there is so many hate crimes on Jewish people in this country and in the world.

      Saying you have ancestry really doesn’t mean anything. I’ve talked to Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews about this subject and they lead me to this site. Here is more explaining on the subject.

    1. Why? It was a terrible play call. Public lynching goes back much farther than you want to race hustle and redefine the word for.

      But your endless racism on Sherriff Clarke is tasteful?

  3. Hurt feelings, how very sad. Perhaps we should be more concerned with getting to the truth of what matters. A parade of endless victims are the stars of today. What is tasteful is a matter of convention. Ezra Pound had the perfect description of you lot, ‘the velvet glove boys’.

  4. Worthy item to bring up again now that Sykes is trying to claim he isn’t part of Trump’s racism and vile language. Hey Chucky, YOU BUILT THAT.

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