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  1. I have decided to vote for Bernie Sanders. Has anyone else made this decision yet? I will vote for Hillary should she win the primary, but I am stand behind Bernie, and his ideas.

    1. Douglas, I agree with you and I’m a deeply committed capitalist. The elites want both candidates in their pockets on the economic issues that concern them. IMHO Sec. Clinton is. Her failure to aggressively lead against the Trans Pacific Partnership is very disappointing. There’s deep bi-partisan opposition to it.

      IMHO, on prosecuting Wall Street CEO’s, ending the foreign occupations, and legalizing pot, there’s likewise deep agreement between conservatives and liberals.

      “Sex, Drugs and Poverty in Red and Blue America”


      I think Sen. Sanders is making an impact. I think Sec. Clinton is finally beginning to talk more about “income inequality.” She needs to back up that rhetoric and improve it. Let’s start talking about “wealth inequality.” Why aren’t Democrats demanding a return to the full holiday on both sides of the payroll tax (FICA) and an INCREASE in Social Security payments?

  2. “Will the Australian Government Walk Away from the TPP?”
    Posted on June 13, 2015 by Yves Smith

    “The Wikileaks release last week of the TPP chapter draft from December 2014 that covered drugs and medical devices made clear that it would interfere with effective and popular programs like Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, that help contain pharmaceutical goods prices. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration reads the literature on the efficacy and costs of different drugs, and selects the ones it deems most effective (which often aren’t they very newest formulation, since Big Pharma has made a science of making minor tweaks in existing drugs so as to extend the patent life and support higher prices. The TGA will pick certain drugs in each category and bargain hard on price.



  3. It’s not news in itself that Scott Walker makes up crap to the out-of-state rubes. But you’d think that Scotty is recklessly lying about what UK Prime Minister David Cameron said to him and threatening the U.S.’s special relationship with Britain in the process, that it might get a few lines in the state’s media.

    But I look at the Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today, and I see NOTHING, more than 24 hours after the story first hit. Is everyone on vacation, or were the orders given from the corporate bosses? Either response is unacceptable, and we need to be hammering those writers for trying to cover this up. It goes past a simple faux-pas.

  4. Feingold’s PAC under a bit of scrutiny over staff salaries and overhead in relation to actually supporting progressive issues and candidates.


    A little search here at BB using Progressives United in the box, upon recalling some of us having a question or two about the legitimacy of what was going on at PU, that never got answered is interesting.


    I had almost forgotten the names Cole Lyestra and Josh Orton, but I had not forgotten the BB commentator who had asked some pertinent questions that were not responded to at the time. Not claiming to be psychic, I was being more of a cynic at the time…


    1. Thanks a ton NQ for the historical BB links. We were misled with Burke IMO, so I’m NOT going to vote NOW for either Bernie or Hillary.

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