Snake handling christian dies after being bitten by snake

File this one under #Darwinism.

A 60-year-old member of a Pentecostal snake-handling church was bitten on Sunday during a service. He refused medical treatment and soon died as a result of the venomous bite.

John David Brock was bitten while handling a rattlesnake during services at the Mossy Simpson Pentecostal Church in Jenson, Kentucky. Four hours later, at his brothers’s house, he passed away, which is often the result when you are bitten by a dangerous snake and rely on faith to heal you.


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6 thoughts on “Snake handling christian dies after being bitten by snake

  1. I don’t check the site for a while and this is the first story posted? People love it when life imitates art? Is that supposed to be funny?

  2. Is the snake ok?
    Also – Ricky Gervais quote:
    “Faith healers don’t get jobs in hospitals for the same reason that psychics don’t win the lottery every week.”

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