Hillary Clinton comes out against abolishing death penalty

At a campaign event in Manchester New Hampshire on Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she supports keeping the death penalty in place on the federal level.

Hillary Rodham Clinton had planned to focus her remarks Wednesday at a Politics and Eggs breakfast in Manchester, N.H., in support of the politically fraught, if somewhat arcane, issue of the Export-Import Bank and how it helps small businesses in the United States.

But a voter’s question about the death penalty pushed Mrs. Clinton to confront the heated issue for the first time in the Democratic nominating contest.

Asked her position on capital punishment, Mrs. Clinton said she did not support abolishing the death penalty, but she did encourage the federal government to rethink it.

While I’m sure Clinton’s support for the death penalty will win her points with some people, I’m not among them. Time and time again the death penalty has proven to be both ineffective as a deterrant and unequally applied in regards to race, and it’s time our nation rethinks its policy when it comes to the death penalty.


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5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton comes out against abolishing death penalty

  1. “Time and time again the death penalty has proven to be both ineffective as a deterrant…”

    Can’t agree with that one Zach. Can you provide any examples of executed convicts who have thereafter committed crimes? I think there is a 100% deterrent rate.

    1. Laws are meant to deter those who are contemplating committing crimes. The punishments handed down during sentencing are for those proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, reasonable doubt can present itself at any time. Previously undiscovered evidence, new unheard witness testimony (the appeal process) can and often does exonerate the wrongly convicted. For many on death row proof of innocence comes to late. To risk precious human life in a justice system that is not fool proof is anything but civilized. Check out this link. http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/innocence-and-death-penalty
      You might be surprised by the numbers and how flawed the death penalty can be in our quest for vengeance but if that link didnt change your mind and since your a conservative, maybe knowing death row costs taxpayers more then life in prison might make you rethink your position. Check out this link. http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/costs-death-penalty
      If neither one deters your position then I would argue you are a blood thirsty savage trying to steal a seat at the table of civilized society.
      As this relates to the thread and Hillary… Go Bernie Go!
      Senator Sanders opposes the death penalty.

    2. Dennis,I believe you are confused; “deterrent” in this case means that one will not take a life for he or she fears they will suffer the same fate at the hands of the State or Federal government.

      Unfortunately, there are some not deterred who believe they are justified and/or believe they can escape punishment by execution..

      BTW, if you and your GOP friends declare yourself to be “Pro-life, it seems to me that it would include all those who commit murder. Did not Jesus provide us with a perfect example of the adulteress? “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    3. Denis, how do you defend being against abortion and in favor of the death penalty?

      That latter is the ultimate in intrusive, “big government.”

  2. Denis’s “ha-ha” response is troubling and inappropriate. There have been numerous instances where innocent people have been executed. It seems to me the possibility of that occurring would be enough to mitigate against continuing this barbaric practice.

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