Another day, another attack on Chris Larson by Chris Abele

In yet another example of how completely negative Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s reelection campaign has gotten, I received yet another literature piece from Abele’s campaign attacking challenger Chris Larson. For those of you following along at home, this latest lit piece comes on the heels of two previous lit pieces from Abele attacking Chris Larson.

Abele attack lit piece - side 1

Abele attack lit piece - side 2

As I’ve written before, the fact that Chris Abele’s campaign has gone completely negative against Chris Larson seems like proof that Abele’s campaign knows they’re in real trouble come election day. After all, campaigns who believe they’re winning don’t resort to negative attacks. What’s more, Abele’s strategy of tearing down Chris Larson through negative attacks is both unsurprising yet disappointing, because an incumbent should be able to articulate why voters should vote for him, instead of simply trying to convince voters to vote against the other guy.


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