VIDEO: Donald Trump supporters put their racism & bigotry out in the open

This is Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump’s base on full display.

Watch as one Trump supporter tells a counter-Trump protester to “Go to f**king Auschwitz” while another explains why it’s his right to proudly fly his confederate flag.

I believe these types of public displays of bigotry and hatred are only going to become more and more common if Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, because the success of his campaign has been in tapping into the bigotry and racism of the “talk radio right.” Trump says the politically incorrect and hateful things that they’ve been thinking for years, which is why they support him like they do.

Donald Trump has promised that if elected president he won’t be politically correct, and if his behavior and the behavior of his supporters during this campaign is any indication, the election of Trump would usher in a period of unrest and violence and would set our country back decades.


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