I kinda wish someone would primary Gordon Hintz

As if to prove how little regard he has for anyone who doesn’t support Wisconsin’s Democratic Party establishment without question, Democratic State Rep. Gordon Hintz chimed in a couple of weeks ago about a primary challenge to incumbent Democratic State Rep. Robb Kahl by Jimmy Anderson.

See, being the unquestioning Democratic Party loyalist that he is, Hintz (who has plenty of baggage) gave some interesting quotes to Capital Times reporter Jessie Opoien.

Here’s the first quote.

“This is such a distraction,” said Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh. “Think about this. Hopefully all 35 of us (Democrats in the Assembly) are going to come out strongly for Robb. Every dollar and every door that we do for our colleague is another dollar and another door that we’re not doing in a Republican district that we can win. When we pick up a seat or two fewer in the fall, I’m going to think about these so-called progressive hypocrites that went after this unnecessary seat to make themselves happy or to high-five their friends at the co-op.”

Not content with just one disrespectful and denigrating statement towards grassroots progressives who aren’t satisfied with the status quo in Wisconsin’s Democratic Party, Rep. Hintz made it clear he has no respect for folks who protested (and who still protest) against Gov. Walker and Republicans – like the Solidarity Singers.

“I’m in the business of trying to elect more Democrats, not trying to increase the size of the Solidarity Singers,” Hintz said.

Given Gordon Hintz’s aforementioned baggage, there’s a part of me who wishes he’d get primaried, because I don’t know that I want someone who threatens women and who offers to have sexual contact for compensation as an example of the kinds of Democrats we want to elect here in Wisconsin.

Heck, I’d be willing to be the first to make a campaign contribution to any progressive who wants to give Gordon Hintz a run for his money.

You can read Jeff Simpson’s take on Gordon Hintz over at Cognitive Dissidence.


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2 thoughts on “I kinda wish someone would primary Gordon Hintz

  1. I was one of those liberals who hated to see Sen. Dick Lugar ousted in a primary by a far less able Republican. I hated it for two reasons. First, Lugar was most intelligent. One did not have to agree with all his conclusions but no one doubted his abilities. Secondly, every time a party has a primary to drive either the left or the right to even more rigid parts of the divide it is harder to govern. We see that everyday in congress. We can have our ideal version of a legislator but then must ask ourselves what we wish for the larger goal of creating a working environment where governing can happen. When we create deep and harsh divides with primaries we then have to accept responsibilities for legislative bodies that are not able to compromise and govern.

    1. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating for absolute “purity” among Democrats. However, if there is a Democrat in Wisconsin in need of a primary, Gordon Hintz would be on my list. He strikes me as a hothead and a shady character, and I’d like to think we can do better than that.

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