Ted Cruz Asks a Pertinent Question

Why now?

Although as with everything around Senator Cruz, the story is convoluted, he definitely has a valid point:

Sen. Ted Cruz on Sunday appeared to accuse NBC of intentionally withholding tapes containing material far worse than newly revealed lewd comments Donald Trump made in 2005 boasting about forcing himself on women.

Cruz asked in a tweet why NBC hadn’t released behind-the-scenes videos of the Republican presidential nominee on “The Apprentice,” a reality show that he starred in for over a decade.

Following Friday’s release of audio in which Trump bragged about kissing and grabbing women without their permission, Bill Pruitt, a former producer on the show, said that there are “far worse” comments Trump made on tape.

“NBC had tape 11 yrs. Apprentice producer says they have more & worse. So why not release in 2015? In March? Why wait till October? #MSMBias” Cruz tweeted, referencing supposed bias towards Trump in the mainstream media.

Now in NBC’s defense the video isn’t theirs to release…but it doesn’t negate the point…why are we hearing about this now?

Following Friday’s release of the audio, the network claimed that it did not have the tapes of “The Apprentice,” and that the tapes are instead owned by Mark Burnett, who produced the show and is friendly with Trump.


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