2 thoughts on “NPR Reads The Declaration of Independence!

  1. Appreciate the work you are putting into the blog Ed. Today, unlike so many state GOP legislators and WI GOP US Congressional dead heads praising our brave troops fighting for our “freedom,” you unlike them, and most of us who actually know, understand today is not Memorial Day.

    Local Gannett outlet was featuring Civil War stories last week instead of history about the American Revolution and the founding of our nation.

    Paul Lyin’ Ryan is still trying to pump some image of sacred bipartisanship he experienced over the Congressional shooting two weeks ago during the charity baseball game practice.

    GOP Rep Mike Gallagher WI-08, was again touting an article promoting himself about Congress working through August (instead of taking a break) until a budget is accomplished and was adamant about draining the swamp of lobbyists in DC (a week ago) and then over the weekend demanded higher levels of military spending to “take care of our troops,” while attending the launch of a Littoral Combat Ship up in Marinette, built by our district’s Italian owned shipyard.

    A great historical piece describing our current predicaments in Imperialist USA, American Fascism, that everyone should watch and read, was broadcast at Democracy Now this morning. Don’t miss it, please.


  2. “Some supporters of Donald Trump didn’t recognize one of the nation’s founding documents and accused the broadcaster of inciting violence and even revolution.”

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