3 thoughts on “Thursday Music: Halestorm: Mayhem

  1. That tune is great, and I’m a guy.

    I went to college and studied for a while English (and I’m still obscenely paying for it). There are several schools of criticism, but all my teachers were feminists, which I understand, but had little to do with my goals to become a writer of the English language (and I minored in History, and had a real interest in economics and politics).

    I have worked with the Democratic Party, and happen to have worked with an Emerge board member named Peg,
    whom I go along with on most issues.

    I’m certainly not against the Emerge cause, but wish they would center on economic inequlities, rather than weak identity politics concerns (after all, Baroness Margaret Thatcher was a fascist)…that really did not help Hillary Clinton win in 2016.

  2. Yes, music can both reflect,relieve our mood or mind,even actions.

    I submit this 13 century Gregorian piece,”Day of wrath…” for your piece of mind mind and direction for the future. It may have some relevance to our current”president.”


    We are only here for a short time!

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