What We Are Reading 08/15/2017 Fox Con 3

These are all from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel August 13th edition…including an op ed piece by Governor Scott Walker.

Let’s renegotiate the Foxconn deal : Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican leadership in our state are rushing into a deal with Foxconn that will cost Wisconsin taxpayers up to $3 billion, with no guarantees of performance. The deal is overwhelmingly opposed by the business press, including Bloomberg, which described it as “irrational public policy,” and an “awful way to lure jobs.”

Foxconn is a transformational, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Wisconsin : Transformational. The addition of 13,000 high-tech jobs and an investment of $10 billion will indeed be a transformational, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Wisconsin. Foxconn, the global electronics manufacturing giant, will make an initial investment of $10 billion to build a 20 million square-foot high-tech manufacturing campus in Wisconsin. To put the massive size of this operation into perspective, you could fit 11 Lambeau Fields inside Foxconn’s planned campus. Now that’s big.

Foxconn could juice the Wisconsin economy, but at what cost? : Imagine for a moment that it’s all true — that Foxconn invests in a massive new factory complex in southeastern Wisconsin and hires 13,000 people. Imagine that Wisconsin becomes a hub for a new American industry — the production of flat-panel screens — and that gives rise to other new ventures. Imagine that the study Foxconn paid for is spot on — that a $3 billion investment by taxpayers leverages $10 billion to build the complex and billions of dollars more in payroll.


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