Trump Refuses To Change His Mind and Then Of Course Changes His Mind:

As of this writing, after days of blaming the Democrats and demanding that Congress do something to stop the inhumane treatment of families stopped at the US Mexican border, President Donald Trump signed an executive order halting the separation of children from their parents. An act he could have done days ago…an activity that his own administration initiated…something that needn’t have even occurred in the first place.

Citizens from across the country…from both sides of the political divide…let out a sigh of relief when they heard the news. How the Trump regime intends to fix the issue around those children already separated from their parents remains to be seen.

But once more the president has exhibited a complete lack of focus and an astounding ability to flip flop on an issue without batting an eye or losing a modicum of support from his base or the GOP. WTF?

Well just this past Tuesday President Trump met with the GOP leadership in Congress to discuss immigration policy and the various bills being considered in the House and Senate. He said he was totally supportive of them…well whichever one they passed…not giving the GOP a hint on his preferences. Well other than that Congress was the only entity that could fix the problem.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday told House Republicans he is “1,000 percent” behind their rival immigration bills, providing little clear direction for party leaders searching for a way to defuse the escalating controversy over family separations at the southern border.

And it’s uncertain if Trump’s support will be enough to push any legislation through the divided GOP majority.

While Trump held firm to his tough immigration stance in an earlier appearance Tuesday, he acknowledged during the closed-door meeting that the coverage of family separations is taking a toll. Trump said his daughter, Ivanka, had told him the situation with the families looks bad, one lawmaker said.

It obviously looked bad but not bad enough at that point…and the president promised he’d hold firm and not change his mind!

Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., said Trump told lawmakers he “would continue to support the legislation, and that people shouldn’t be worried that he would change his mind.” She said it was a light moment. “Everybody laughed.” [emphasis mine]

And basically twenty four hours later, the president changed his mind:

For President Donald Trump, cracking down on illegal immigration is good politics, but separating families in the process is not.

Trump signed a slapped-together executive order after days of protests from across the political spectrum, including Republican lawmakers who expressed concerns about their re-election prospects, according to current and former administration officials.

Pressure also came from within his own family. Ivanka Trump had been working with top GOP lawmakers — including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine — to find a way out, said a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive discussions within the first family.

So the rest of the nations of the world can no longer trust the United States because of the president’s various afflictions, the American people can’t trust the president because of his lies and inability to make up his mind, and now even his party can’t trust him to stay his course from day to day. When will the GOP say enough’s enough?

by the way: the only way the Democrats could get involved in the discussions was to wait outside the room where the president was meeting with the GOP and confront him as he left.


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