Maybe First Thing Today They Could Ban Bump Stocks!

After the Las Vegas shooting (October 1, 2017), everyone agreed that bump stocks should be outlawed. I reminded everyone on February 20, 2018 that they hadn’t been banned yet. Now we are past a year later and they still haven’t been banned.

Come on Washington. This is a very simple thing…just one little simple bill…to do something you all agreed was a good idea over a year ago. The mid-terms are over. Ban Bump Stocks!!!

And Bump Stocks Are Still Legal!

Maybe First Thing Today They Can Ban Bump Stocks!

Trump Makes First Move to Ban Bump Stocks
US to study legality of bump stocks used in Las Vegas massacre!

They investigated a nominee for the Supreme Court in less than a week…they can’t possibly still need time to determine what they need to legally do to ban these.


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