Question For The President: Where Are You Getting Your Intelligence?

The leaders of the American intelligence agencies testified before Congress and essentially contradicted the president’s positions on Iran, North Korea and the Islamic State.

So my question to President Donald Trump: Where are you getting your intelligence information if not from the American intelligence agencies?

President Donald Trump pushed back on Wednesday against his intelligence chiefs’ national security assessments, saying that “the Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran,” and defended his own, more positive appraisals of the threats North Korea and the Islamic State pose to the United States.

“Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school,” Trump said on Twitter.

He wrote: “The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. They are wrong! When I became President Iran was making trouble all over the Middle East, and beyond. Since ending the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal, they are MUCH different, but….

“….a source of potential danger and conflict. They are testing Rockets (last week) and more, and are coming very close to the edge. There economy is now crashing, which is the only thing holding them back. Be careful of Iran. Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!”

So exactly where is the president getting his intelligence information? If not from our own sources who have all sworn to defend the Constitution and the US…then from who? The president really does need to make that known.

And aren’t all of the current department heads of American intelligence agencies Trump appointees? Only the best people? And they agree on their evaluations? And the president doesn’t believe them?

I mean Dan Coats alone…the Director of National Intelligence…supported the Iraq war and opposed the Iran nuclear treaty…agrees that Iran hasn’t violated the treaty. wtf??

The president’s attitude is heading dangerously toward a position of treason. How much longer can the GOP put up with the president putting the nation at risk?


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