The Leader of the Party of Healthcare Has NO Idea

President Donald Trump has taken every side possible on healthcare that a Republican can hold…all in like a week! First he urged the courts to negate the entire Affordable Care Act…pissing off the Democrats and blindsiding the Republicans in Congress…and totally opposite to many of the things he’s been saying himself.

Then declaring the GOP as the Party of Healthcare and promising an ACA repeal and replace before meeting the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who wised him up that it would be toxic to take on healthcare before the 2020 election…this time it stuck and the president backed off.

The whole repeal and replace notion is ridiculous to start with. Nothing but havoc would result…but in the normal legislative world…new legislation for any program…essentially replacement legislation…repeals its predecessor. So that whole name game was stupid.

But before this whole timeline had gotten past its sell by date…the president fired off a series of tweets that once again indicate he has no idea how the Affordable Care Act works…or how Medicare for All might work…or possibly how any medical insurance works.

Yes…the president as always is filled with hyperbole. Obamacare works…not as well as we’d like…and many people do think Medicare for All is the answer…but I doubt anyone out there holds their employer supplied or personally purchased insurance in beloved status. Hardly. But then he rambles on into unknown waters:

Well as we’ve seen across the media universe, no the Republicans aren’t working on a plan…weren’t working on a plan…had no intentions of working on a plan. And how are they going to guarantee lower premiums and deductibles if they are going to rely on private insurers to provide the coverage like Obamacare does? If you are going to control the premiums and the deductibles I suspect your plan may look a bit more like…Medicare for All! And MORE usable? What does that even mean??

I don’t know about winning back the House…the reason you lost the House was your lack of vision on Healthcare. That’s what Senator McConnell was trying to tell you last Monday.

Well…he repeats himself…but wanting to end the ACA hardly sounds like support for covering pre-existing conditions…well maybe I am wrong…maybe he’s just talking about HealtCare…and I have no idea what that is.


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