And Now: 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties (?)

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos shared this article about Florence County Wisconsin declaring themselves a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. This is a push back on ‘red flag’ legislation that Governor Evers and other gun safety advocates have been pushing…law enforcement authorities or family members may petition the courts for gun removal from individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Rep. Vos of course is bitterly opposed to this on grounds that it violates the 2nd Amendment…but similar laws have been held legal…but more likely because he opposes the Democratic governor. I wonder what he would do if the state actually passed a ‘red flag’ law and Florence County ignored it. Or if the state passed any other legislation and counties selectively ignored them. Or wouldn’t it make any difference to him unless it was Dane or Milwaukee counties?

Well anyway, here’s the gist of it:

Florence County is the first county in Wisconsin to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. The Florence County Board of Supervisors passed their resolution Tuesday night.

“We are the first county in Wisconsin to be a second Amendment Sanctuary County which I think is huge,” said Mark Kerznar, a Florence County Citizen.

This is push-back to the red-flag legislation supported by the governor and several lawmakers. The red flag law gives power to the sheriff to confiscate a person’s weapons if they’re deemed dangerous.

By being a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, the citizens would follow the laws that are deemed constitutional, given and set by the county.

emphasis mine

So welcome to the wild wild west on the Wisconsin ~ Michigan UP border where we are apparently growing a cash crop of our own Constitutional lawyers.

Florence County’s Board Chair, Jeanette Bomberg said she has heard no opposition to the resolution from members of Florence County.

“What this means is we listen to our residents and we feel very strongly in the right to bear arms, the Second Amendment,” she said.

This resolution will now be sent to the state capitol.

Not sure where this goes next…I imagine there will be court suits…I imagine there will be more news…I can’t imagine who in Florence County is going to parse out the Constitution. But maybe they will get an influx of like minded individuals to round out their population? At 4,400 people they could probably use some new neighbors.


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