Once Again A Kentucky Elected Official Obstructs Congress:

A Republican lawmaker’s effort to delay the relief bill is expected to fail.

Representative Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, said on Friday in a series of tweets that he would insist on a recorded vote on the $2 trillion stimulus package, delaying its passage.

Earlier on Friday, President Trump attacked Mr. Massie for threatening to hold up passage of the stimulus package, which had been scheduled for a House vote at noon.

House leaders were trying to pass the measure by voice vote, but the vote could be delayed, at least temporarily, if Mr. Massie follows through on calling for a quorum.

House leaders believe they have a quorum.

Dozens of House members rushed back to Washington on Friday from every corner of the country — defying public health advice to avoid traveling and congregating in groups — to be on hand.

Leaders had hoped to pass the bill with a voice vote so that lawmakers would not be required to return to Washington.

I suggest that Rep. Massie be accused of domestic terrorism. And then quarantined with Sen. Rand Paul.


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