This Is The President of the United States?

Americans are dying. Because of a pandemic that couldn’t have been avoided but could have been lessened by prompt and timely action of the federal government. Instead President Donald Trump frittered away two or three or maybe four months of response time because he essentially didn’t know what to do and apparently hoped that the coronavirus would just go away.

And now that he’s made a small effort to move off of square one…despite continued lies and misinformation handed out every single day…Americans are dying.

And today, instead of leadership…the president tweets this:

or this:

Just a hunch…but I don’t think President Ronald Reagan would have gone this route.


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5 thoughts on “This Is The President of the United States?

  1. So how about listening to enlightened discussion instead, revealing the heart of the situation we are facing in an effort to educate “true blue” ideas for those of us not prone to be easily distracted by “Sideshow Donny,?”

    Here’s an examination of Speaker Pelosi and her betrayal of all of us, explained by her general election challenger, Shahid Buttar. From yesterday’s Michael Brooks Show:

    Don others arriving here have ideas?

    1. Why am I commenting on the bullshit coming from the White House? Because just like COVID-19 – there are people not taking the threat of another four years of a Trump regime seriously. And if 100s of thousands of needless American deaths are a wake up call…what the flock is?

    2. and I am supposed to ignore the President of the United States accusing healthcare workers who are risking their lives…when he accuses them of stealing masks?

  2. Ed,

    All I suggested was a better alternative than falling for the distraction that is the sideshow. I didn’t tell you what you should cover or not cover.

    Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, the “Squad,” Pocan and the rest of the WI Progressive or Democratic Congressional delegation have given us nothing in response to the pandemic. They demanded nothing from the GOP and approved Trump and McConnell’s entire gift list to both party’s real masters the 0.01%. Trillions to them and not so much as tangible crumbs for the rest of us.

    So what do we learn or what energy do we waste getting upset over the Orange Clown prince of petty whining and self-aggrandizement when the people we’d prefer didn’t hold out for a f-ing thing for we the people, socially (food and housing) economically (wages or UBI), medically (PPEs and Covid-19 testing, or masks) and simply handed over the keys to “Fort Knox” so-to-speak to our overlords.

    So the alternative is to recognize what really just happened with Bernie’s and AOC’s grandstanding outrage about a one-time $1200 that isn’t going to reach everyone and isn’t going to reach anyone in time for it to matter in the larger scheme of this pandemonium.

    With Congressional Democrats marching in unanimous lockstep with Republicans, I simply feel it is more important to gaze a bit beyond the daily circus to help ourselves understand reality and do what we’ve always been required to do when we are told in no uncertain terms by the people we elected that we are on our own and to play nice.

    Isn’t there a more constructive use of the resources we have, to take care of ourselves, our families and our neighbors than letting the golden gasbag suck even precious energy from us.

    With last week’s emergency and “stimulus,” atrocity, Trump isn’t the worst of our problems. “We have seen the enemy and…” fill in the blank. You know the answer. After last week’s example what is Biden winning going to change. Nothing. Sure, if he is nominated I may vote for him, but it will make little difference to the rest of us.

    It’s the system, it’s capitalism that has caused the inability to respond to this pandemic. It’s not having universal health care and for-profit health insurance denying readiness and denying emergency health care that is allowing the virus to spread and killing our medical personnel and protective service sector essential workers. It is not having an Unconditional Basic Income for every citizen or guaranteed housing or a safe food supply that’s the problem.

    Can’t afford it? How’d we pay for it? How are we paying $6T to Wall Street. Done.

    Still asking what I misspelled above. Do others have constructive ideas to share? It’s just us here, we’ve been put out to pasture after the prairie fire.

    1. Here is the short answer: No matter who the final Democratic candidate turns out to be: Joe Biden or Sen. Sanders or Gov. Cuomo. WE ARE RUNNING AGAINST DONALD TRUMP. To ignore his intentional lack of leadership that is killing Americans would be as criminal as he is.

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