Lafayette, We Are HERE!

Lafayette Square is a seven acre park adjacent to the White House and named for Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, a french aristocrat and best known to Americans as a hero during the American Revolutionary War.

As we all know today, it was the scene of an abhorrent act by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his Attorney General, William Barr, that attacked peaceful Americans just so that the president could pull off a stunt waving around a book that he has probably never read in front of a church that he cares little about.

Lafayette Square is part of the National Park Service and the square and the surrounding structures were designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1970.

Given its proximity to the White House, it is often the scene for protests against actions taken by the president in office or other federal officials in the executive branch of government, including the White House Peace Vigil.

Given its history and its prominence in Washington, I am going to suggest to our elected federal officials that Lafayette Square be designated as a Free Speech Zone to insure its availability for open expression of free and peaceable speech in our nation’s Capitol, in front of our nation’s officials.

sub-note: the central statue in Lafayette Square is NOT General Lafayette but instead President Andrew Jackson. ?? WTF ?? I suggest that President Jackson be moved somewhere else in Presidents Park and a new President George Washington (represented as General Washington) take his place since the other figures are all Revolutionary War figures.


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