Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…whoops…COVID-19

Four Americans died tragically at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. Congress investigated the incident in considerable depth. I only bring this up because it is apparently trending again.

Yesterday, September 19, 2020, 672 Americans died tragically all across America from COVID-19. Yesterday saw the equivalent of one Benghazi every NINE minutes. Nary a peep out of Congress and not any new financial assistance in months. No concern whatsoever out of the White House. This is simply criminal.


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12 thoughts on “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…whoops…COVID-19

    1. I was being nice by using a slow day for dying. And your 6% number and ‘supporting’ documentation has been discredited so many times I am about to flag you as a bot.

      1. Ed, my cite is from the CDC and was updated on September 16 of this year. Please read the paragraph just above Table 3 (Comorbidities). If this report has been discredited, please specify and I will retract the comment and vote Biden.

    2. So if someone has an inoperable brain tumor and ends up dying from a gunshot, the shooter really can’t be charged as it’s just a comorbidity, not the cause of death. Your argument as been refuted so many times by healthcare professionals it laughable people still use it.

      1. So…you agree with me that shooting victims that have COVID should not be included in the running ‘rona death totals? My real question is whether you understand the difference between “dying with” and “dying of”.

    3. Kindly weed out from the statistics you’ve brought, how many of those deaths would have happened regardless of the Covid-19 comorbidity and how many of these deaths would likely not have occurred when they did, in the absence of the Covid-19 comorbidity being attributed to the deaths in the report as a whole?

      Go through the report and tell us which deaths would have occurred at a later date and how much longer would any of these reported individuals passing would have been delayed with Covid-19 not being a comorbidity factor to consider.

      You simply don’t have any valid or applicable point to be made about the deaths and attributions in that report by extracting the 6% statistic to seemingly use to troll the thread. You’ve ignored bothering to explain any point. You simply extracted a statistic from part of the report.

      1. I certainly think that the number of deaths would be less than the 200,000 cited by most of the fear porn prevaricators. It’s most likely more than the just under 11,000 that listed COVID only as COD. My guess is that’s it’s right around a bad flu season, but that’s just a guess. It’s hard, if not impossible, to know the exact number.

        You seem to be triggered by the 6% figure. Just because it may not be listed as the only cause of death, doesn’t mean that the ‘rona might not have pushed a person over the edge. However, the 6% number does underscore the 94% that may not be part of a group that “died tragically all across America from COVID-19”.

        1. As I stated and thanks for reiterating the point I made, that you failed to may any useful or original point using an extract of a report.

          I occasionally get “triggered,” but not by this statistic, pulled out of context from the report is was originally part of and I wasn’t the one who brought it to this forum.

          If you are not a bot, I got triggered when the Italian shipbuilder, east of you, who accepted orders to build enhanced LCS gunships for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (country of origin to 2/3 of the 9-11 terrorists) to continue perpetuating US assisted genocide in Yemen.

          I’m triggered by my 8th CD war monger Mike Gallagher praising Lockheed Martin for steering the Saudi contract to Marinette and who is currently perpetuating cold war rhetoric against China. Talk to my friends who served in Korea about that mistake.

          Your fantasies about the people who you continually attempt to troll here, pale once again, compared to reality.

          1. That’s the second time on this thread that you have accused me of “Trolling”. I don’t think you know what trolling is. Let me explain, trolling is “posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community”. A good example would be adding a loony screed about gunships to the comments section of a ‘rona post. I, in contrast, try to use the dialectical method, along with a subtle, irascible wit, to bring us all closer to the truth within the ideological framework of the post.

            Finally, to imply the 6% figure cited from a linked CDC report needs some sort of deep Bayesian analysis or something is to betray a deep observational bias or a troubling lack of mathematical knowledge. Corrective action for the former can be found by spending some time here. Or locallyhere. For the latter, maybe some remedial math at a local grade school. Good day, sir.

            1. And now I’ll offer that you’ve just trolled the thread a third time, but you did forget to include humility to describe your attitude about your own “participation,” at BB.

              Your repeated speculation about what “triggers,” others or your prescriptive solutions that others need to do (mousing over your links) to be as politically or intellectually “woke.” as you, assuming that others have not read your what you think they need to read in order to understand your comments, perpetuates a behavior that is both demeaning and abusive to others and fits your fine description of what trolling is.

              1. Sorry, nonquixote. I apologize. In the future, I’ll try to remember to frame any contrary opinions I disseminate with your delicate constitution and fragile feelings in mind.

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