The US Is Officially A Third World Nation As Doctors Without Borders Comes To Help With COVID Pandemic

Many of us are aware of Doctors Without Borders as a organization that selflessly provides medical assistance throughout the world. They often target war zones and refugee camps and poor nations that are experiencing health care crises.

Well, with the runaway coronavirus pandemic in the United States, they have dispatched medicos here. The richest nation on earth with the self-proclaimed best health care in the world…is now receiving help from a non-government agency that could be and should be deployed elsewhere.

Instead, the Trump regime has allowed us the sink to the level of a third world nation and instead of my tax dollars going to help my fellow Americans…now my charitable contributions get to do the work.

This is totally flocked up.

CNN’s @drsanjaygupta on how bad COVID is in USA rn: “Doctors Without Borders have come to the United States to do their work. They go to the hottest spots in the world, they look at the Earth and say where are we needed? Well, they’re needed here in the United States right now.”

Yes, in four short years we have gone from American carnage to a shithole country.


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