Sarah Silverman on the problem with progressives

This really sums up how I feel about a lot of folks who call themselves progressives.

I think Sarah Silverman really sums up how a lot of folks feel about many progressives – their “all or nothing” approach to governing. While I appreciate the fact that implementing change on an incremental basis may be frustrating and less fulfilling than making massive changes all at once, sometimes reality dictates a more incremental approach. A perfect example is ObamaCare – while certainly not a perfect “fix” to our nation’s broken health care system, ObamaCare provided millions more Americans with health insurance coverage. While I (and many other progressives) would have preferred “Medicaid for all” or some other form of single payer plan, we can continue to work towards that while ensuring that in the mean time more Americans have health insurance coverage than did before ObamaCare.

Sometimes progress isn’t a sea change – incremental is okay too. More progressive should take that to heart and work for change – whether incremental or sweeping – because any positive change is good.


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3 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman on the problem with progressives

  1. When one considers that the Democratic party is nothing more than the center wing of the party that has the republicans as the right wing, she’s right. No bold ideas, no bold leadership, no bold in your face rebuttals to the other side………..No ideas.

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