Ron Johnson Is SHOCKED…but no condemnation follows

Senator Ron Johnson (QAnon – Moscow) tweeted that he was shocked by the attack on Paul Pelosi, the 82 year old husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in their home in California. SHOCKED!

SHOCKED. But nary a word of condemnation of the attack or the attacker. Not even the usual ‘pious’ response that the GOP spouts during other violent events in the nation…no “thoughts and prayers”. Do those only apply to Second Amendment related violence?

Well, we shouldn’t be surprised about the lack of concern and compassion from a person who still holds the January 6th attack on our government as just a bunch of tourists getting a little frisky. Meanwhile he’s seems to be spending the day tagging Johnson campaign signs across the state and reposting his tweets chugging beer like a 19 year old frat boy.

Not someone who should be representing Wisconsin in Washington.


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