I’d love to read one of our conservative readers defend this…

A controversial bill that would allow high-income parents to avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars a year in child support was written with the help of a wealthy donor to the bill’s author, Rep. Joel Kleefisch.

The Oconomowoc Republican acknowledged Friday that Michael Eisenga, a multi-millionaire business owner, and his attorney helped write the bill, which could pave the way for Eisenga to force the court to reopen his divorce settlement.

The lawmaker insisted in an interview that the measure, Assembly Bill 540, would not affect Eisenga’s case.

“I’m certain the bill would not affect Mr. Eisenga in any way because it’s not retroactive,” Kleefisch said. “He wanted it retroactive. It’s not retroactive.”

However, the bill would require judges to lower child-support payments if they are 10 percent or more above the amount that would have been ordered using the new requirement. That requirement caps incomes subject to child-support payments at $150,000 a year.

Kleefisch’s bill also would prohibit judges from taking into account a parent’s assets in determining the level of child support.

Given Rep. Kleefisch’s penchant for plagiarism and overall lack of mastery of the English language, not a single soul should be surprised that he’d outsource the drafting of a bill limiting child support for the wealthy to a wealthy divorced guy who’d stand to directly benefit from the bill.

To say Rep. Kleefisch is vacuous would be a gross understatement, and to say he’s a disgrace would be putting it mildly.

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2 Responses to Joel Kleefisch outsources drafting of bill to limit child support for the wealthy to a wealthy divorced donor

  1. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    Also remember that Eisenga gave Kelly Rindfleisch a job after she was taken out if Milwaukee County due to John Doe 1. Payback?

  2. Jerry Hanson says:

    How long will the people in his district let him make fools of the people living there. Wouldn’t you think that Vos or someone in the majority party would reign him in or at least have a face to face with him and point out that he has become the court jester of the legislature. Heaven forbid if he and Grothman ever tag team together on a bill.

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