After shooting and shooting and shooting, our leadership continually took the position that mass shootings aren’t the issue, the shooters had mental health issues.

Now Travis Reinking, the suspect at the Waffle House shooting in Nashville TN, has been taken into custody and he apparently has a back story of mental health issues. Issues that were apparent to the local police in his home town. Issues that were apparent to the Secret Service. And despite having had his guns taken away initially, he got them back due to lax oversight by the authorities. And obviously he hasn’t gotten the health care that he needs to over come his challenges.

So where is the out cry in Washington over providing the appropriate mental health care for people like Mr. Reinking?

If mental health is the issue behind mass shootings, when will we make sure mental health care works for Americans? Or will the answer be arming waitresses and fortifying Waffle House restaurants?

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