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Republicans unveil their strategy to beat Russ Feingold in 2016: blatantly lie and hope no one notices

In yet another example from the “desperation is a stinky cologne” department, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, specifically mouthpiece Andrea Bozek, alleged former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold announced his 2016 Senate campaign against incumbent Ron Johnson while Feingold was in California. The only problem? The NRSC’s claim was a blatant lie. The National Republican Senatorial […]

VIDEO: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries dismantles Sheriff David Clarke on police reform & equal protection

During a recent appearance by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on police reform, Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries confronted Sheriff Clarke over the blue wall of silence, the need for equal protection under the law for everyone and the unjust death of Eric Garner.

Considering how little Sheriff Clarke’s […]

Seriously? Judge Troupis?

In the Friday afternoon news dump, Mr. Scott Walker announced the appointment of Jim Troupis to the vacant seat on the Dane County Circuit Court previously held by Judge John Albert, who retired. Mr. Troupis will hold the seat until he is deposed by Dane County voters in August 2016.

Yes, of course the governor […]

Republicans want to fire Gov. Scott Walker from job creation agency’s board

As further proof his efforts to create jobs in Wisconsin have failed, Republicans have voted to remove Gov. Scott Walker as chairman of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the quasi-public “job creation” agency that came into being because of the efforts of Gov. Walker. In an attempt to put more oversight on the state’s fledgling […]

Scott Walker & child molester Josh Duggar palling around

Earlier tonight I wrote about Republican Josh Duggar’s admission he sexually molested juvenile females approximately 12 years ago. On the heels of that revelation, I thought this photo of Josh Duggar and Gov. Scott Walker palling around together was pertinent.

Look! It's @ScottWalker palling around with an admitted child molester! #awkward https://t.co/LOIFsMj7cy

— Blogging Blue (@BloggingBlue) May 22, 2015

Republican Josh Duggar admits to sexually molesting juvenile females

But remember, Republicans are the part of “family values.” A stunning and very alarming report has emerged involving the Duggar family.

According to a recently uncovered police report, Josh Duggar, one of the many stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, allegedly molested five girls — some of whom, were reportedly his sisters […]

The perks of being a million dollar donor to Scott Walker

I guess it really pays to be a big donor to Gov. Scott Walker’s burgeoning presidential campaign and the political action committees supporting that campaign. What does a million-dollar political donor get for his or her money these days?

The answer is spelled out in great detail in a handout from the super PAC supporting […]

How Republicans ruined Wisconsin’s education system while you were sleeping

Last night Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee voted along straight party lines to put forward an education budget that will do immeasurable harm to Wisconsin’s children for years to come. While I wanted to recap exactly how awful the Republican-approved education budget is, Monologues of Dissent does an outstanding job of explaining how awful […]

“Our Dumb Senator” Ron Johnson: Ayatollah more trustworthy than President Obama

This is beyond bizarre….it’s absolutely stunning.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, suggested at a recent town hall event in Cerdarburg, Wisc., that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei may be more trustworthy than President Obama when it comes to the nuclear deal.

“Now, a President who was awarded […]

Scott Walker exposes himself as being full of crap on foreign policy (VIDEO)

During an appearance on Face The Nation, host Bob Schieffer asked Gov. Scott Walker what his foreign policy credentials were, and GOv. Walker’s answer was revealing – as in revealing that he’s full of crap. Well, I think as a governor, it’s really ultimately about leadership. To me, in my lifetime, one of the best […]