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March 2015
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My latest at DWT: Scott Walker– Serial Flip-Flopper

Over at DownWithTyranny, I’ve got a post up outlining just a few of Gov. Scott Walker’s flip-flops during his adulthood spent as a politician. Throughout his career in politics– a career that has spanned virtually his entire adult life– Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has tried to portray himself as a man of principles who can’t […]

Conservative business group wants to buy a constitutional amendment in Wisconsin

Last night Ed wrote a great piece about the efforts to change Wisconsin’s constitution as pertains to how our state supreme court’s chief justice is chosen. I wanted to follow up on Ed’s piece to discuss exactly who is behind this effort to change Wisconsin’s constitution, and not surprisingly the group behind the effort is […]

Selecting A Chief Justice In The State Of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Constitution provides for a state supreme court of seven justices, each elected for a term of ten years. The justice with the longest tenure on the court is the chief justice.

In a move that many suggest is aimed at removing Justice Shirley Abrahamson from her role as Chief Justice, the GOP legislature […]

Alderman Bob Donovan seeks to criminalize being poor

If it’s a day of the week ending in “y” then it’s certainly time for a press release from Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan. Yesterday’s press release from Ald. Donovan focused on what he sees as a need to combat panhandling in the City of Milwaukee by criminalizing poverty. Panhandling in the public right-of-way is now […]

Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Student Debt Crisis On Young Wisconsinites

from that invigorating email inbox comes this presser from the College Democrats of Wisconsin:

March 26, 2015 RELEASE: Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Student Debt Crisis On Young Wisconsinites, Says It Is Too Easy To Get Student Loans

When asked about the rising cost of a college education at an event this past Saturday, Wisconsin […]

Republican State Representative: Watching Rape Makes a Great Party (VIDEO)

Watch as Connecticut Republican State Rep. Mike Bocchino joked that witnessing rape makes for “a great party.”

Billionaire makes $1.5 million dark money contribution to help Scott Walker, receives $1.8 million from Walker’s WEDC

According to this report by Yahoo! Politics Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff, Wisconsin billionaire John Menard Jr. gave $1.5 million to right-wing groups that kept his contribution a secret, only for Menard’s company to end up receiving $1.8 million in tax credits from WEDC, the job creation agency of which Gov. Scott Walker is the […]

Rebecca Kleefisch: states using clean energy have “competitive advantage” over states like Wisconsin

During a recent appearance on right-wing talk radio with Charlie Sykes, Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch talked about the “competitive advantage” states focusing on clean energy have over states like Wisconsin, which still relies heavily on fossil fuels for our energy production. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) second-in-command made a surprising concession on Friday: states […]

Wisconsin GOP Legislators Are Totally Intimidated

Just think, the Republican legislature gets to go out on the road and present defend their proposed 2015 – 2017 budget. One of the sticking points in this budget is the $300 million cuts to the renowned University of Wisconsin System. And of course one of the places where they are holding public hearings on […]

Nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau: Gov. Walker budget raises taxes, fees by $48 million

But remember, Gov. Scott Walker is a fiscal “conservative.” An analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau finds that Gov. Scott Walker’s budget would raise taxes and fees by $48 million.

The report released Monday also determines that Walker proposals to bolster tax collection would bring in nearly $125 million in additional revenue over the […]