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Kooyenga and Darling’s plan to kill the Milwaukee Public Schools

It’s out there now, the Republican plan (pdf) to start peeling off Milwaukee Public Schools and handing them over to private operators. And it’s awful.

Sponsored by suburban Republicans Rep. Dale Kooyega and Sen. Alberta Darling, it is full of bad ideas and presents a possible future for MPS that is bleaker than you can […]

Republicans propose bill giving Milwaukee County Exec authority to usurp MPS (UPDATED)

Earlier today it was reported Republican State Rep. Dale Kooyenga and Republican State Sen. Alberta Darling are working on a proposal that would allow the Milwaukee County Executive to appoint a commissioner accountable to no one but the County Executive who could usurp the Milwaukee Public Schools district to take over up to five struggling […]

Oh look….Alberta Darling has another “bright” idea involving privatization of public services!

The last time Republican State Senator Alberta Darling had a bright idea to have the state of Wisconsin step in an take control of something in Milwaukee County, citizens ended up with the mess that is the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare. However, her history of abject failure doesn’t seem to be stopping Sen. Darling […]

When MPS Government Bureaucrats Attack The First Amendment


I’m a parent of a Milwaukee Public School child. This is a choice that I made because I believe in the city of Milwaukee and I believe in public education. This year, I am also an officer at my school’s PTA. For those who aren’t familiar with how a PTA works, they are an […]

Let’s Have a Moratorium On Voucher Schools

During a talk to the community of St. Anthony’s School on Milwaukee’s south side, Governor Walker said he was interested in expanding Wisconsin’s school voucher program beyond the Milwaukee and Racine areas. The governor of course was preaching to the choir since St. Anthony’s is the largest voucher school participant in the Milwaukee area with […]

Shameless Self-Promotion

I haven’t been posting here lately because I plowed myself into a long and involved writing project at SchoolMattersMKE, the group blog focusing on education and schools in the Milwaukee area.

To make a long story short–and it is a long story, about 6,000 words all told–there is a class of students in the Milwaukee […]

Jess Ripp: More government is the answer to the problems within MPS!

In a recent interview with Patti Wenzel of Third Coast Digest, far-right Republican State Senate candidate Jess Ripp, who’s facing off against Chris Larson here in the 7th State Senate District, said he agrees with Scott Walker’s plan to break the Milwaukee Public School system into smaller districts. You’ll remember Walker’s plan for breaking up […]

Snow day randomness

Just a few random thoughts on this snowy/rainy/downright ugly day:

The weather out there is nasty, so if you’re out and about, be careful. As the day gets colder, things are going to freeze up and get even nastier, so try to stay home and enjoy a good book (or a good blog) if you […]

Tuesday Tidbits

Just a few random tidbits from the news:

First, some good news about the economy, asconsumer confidence zoomed past economists’ forecasts in April to its highest level since November. The rise in consumer confidence could be indicative of a growing sense that the economy may have bottomed out and Americans might be prepared to spend […]

Since when do Republicans support bigger government?

Since when do Republicans support bigger government?

I think it’s a question that’s worth asking, especially on the heels of a report in the Journal Sentinel that Republican State Senator Ted Kanavas of Brookfield and Republican State Representative Leah Vukmir of Wauwatosa have introduced a bill to dissolve Milwaukee Public Schools and replace it with […]