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Conservative activist Orville Seymer attempting to get government help erasing his debts

There’s a healthy amount of irony in this… Long a local government watchdog and critic, conservative activist Orville Seymer is now asking the federal government to help him sort out his money troubles.

Seymer — a top official with Citizens for Responsible Government — filed for bankruptcy last month, listing $147,126 in assets and more than […]

Milwaukee-area developer utters racial slur to refer to President Barack Obama

Well this is something… A Milwaukee businessman uttered a racial slur to describe President Barack Obama during a news conference Wednesday in Waukesha City Hall that was organized by Wisconsin business leaders as part of a national call for immigration reform.

“I’m not seeing anybody doing anything,” said Dagoberto Ibarra, who ran for alderman in […]

Whither MKE County: So When Is $15,000 A Pittance And When Is It Extravagant?

Let’s start with a very basic factoid that I’ve brought up a time or two this year: $15,080 is minimum wage ($7.25) times 40 hours per week per 52 weeks.

And just 60 days ago State Representative Joe Sanfelippo, before he finally introduced ‘his’ bill, was tossing around $15,000 as a reasonable salary for a […]

Where’s the CRG’s outrage over the criminal charges filed against former Walker staffers?

Back in 2010, the right-wing conservative group Citizens for “Responsible” Government (CRG) filed a complaint with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office accusing lefty blogger Chris “capper” Liebenthal of “operating three political internet blogs during work hours,” which the folks from CRG alleged to be felony Misconduct in Public Office.

As a result of the […]

There’s no depths some people won’t sink to…

On Sunday, customers who receive the Janesville Gazette found this in the newspaper tubes, along with their Sunday papers:

What you’re looking at is a flier (purporting to be an advertisement in the Janesville Gazette) that lists the names and salaries of public school teachers who signed the recall petition and includes a form […]

“He was one of Walker’s most trusted confidants”

Heh….. “He was one of Walker’s most trusted confidants,” said Orville Seymer, a property manager active in recall politics through Citizens for Responsible Government.

No doubt if the tables were turned and the “he” we were referring to was one of Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle’s “most trusted confidants,” conservatives wouldn’t be calling Doyle the victim, […]

“Good government” conservative Paul Cesarz ignoring constituents

What’s this?!? A conservative “good government” lawmaker ignoring his constituents?!?

That certainly seems to be the case with County Supervisor Paul Cesarz, as reported by Steve Schultze of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Though he shows up for full County Board meetings, his presence at committee meetings has been inconsistent. His attendance slid after the 2008 […]