The Line of the Night From Nevada Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton summing up George W. Bush’s energy policy better than I’ve heard anyone else sum it up:

As I watched the debate last night, this was the line that jumped out to me, because it was startling to hear a Democratic Presidential candidate talk in such blunt terms about President Bush’s handling of our nation’s energy policy. In my mind, President Bush has done a poor job of helping reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and I’m glad to see a Democratic candidate pull no punches in attacking him for the job he’s done. Sure, President Bush talked a great game about alternative energy – after all, who can forget his mention of switchgrass in his 2006 State of the Union Address – but there hasn’t been much real action in the wake of all his talk. As I see it, our dependence on foreign oil is not just an energy issue – it’s a national security issue, and probably our most serious national security issue at that. Over sixty percent of the oil our nation imports comes from five countries: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Nigeria, and if any one of those countries were to interrupt exports to the United States, we’d have some serious issues.

As I see it, the development of viable alternative energy sources is not only going to benefit our nation through a reduction in our dependence on foreign oil, but it will undoubtedly lead to the creation of an untold number of good jobs within the “green collar” industry.


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2 thoughts on “The Line of the Night From Nevada Democratic Debate

  1. And, this is why I like her so much. I have faith that she, as a president, won’t be mincing too many words and will be a very hard task master. I want to see her go up against any of the GOP candidates one on one.
    Maybe it’s a bit of that thing where you pick the candidate you think would be most like you……….and I know what a pit bulled bitch I can be when I really want something based on my values. She’s wanted healthcare for everyone for a very long time, this is her chance to drive it through, kicking and screaming is necessary.
    She’ll cherry pick what worked for Bill and toss the rest.
    And, many women, mostly whom won’t admit it freely, have sat back in the second seat and spent a lot of time analyzing what they could have done better than their husbands. But, most never get the chance.
    She will be on the economy from day one. Who does most household budgets? Wives. There’s a reason for that. So, sexist I may be in some people’s views, but in mine I’m basing my support on my experiences and my expectations.

  2. Kay, you raise some great points. While I don’t count myself as a Hillary supporter, I think she’s just tough enough to weather whatever the GOP can throw at her in the general election and when she’s President. I know a lot of folks have spent a lot of time talking about how her high unfavorables will come back to bite her in the general election, but I think with our nation’s political climate being what it is, it’d take an absolute miracle for the Republican Party to keep control of the White House. Their current crop of candidates isn’t exactly energizing their base, and if the nominee is Romney or Rudy, I think the GOP’s in real trouble come November.

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