Barack’s stunt-double

While he might have had a blockbuster ratings bomb in Hancock this past weekend, Will Smith has higher aspirations…which weren’t even thought of by him!

According to People Magazine, Barack Obama stated that if there’s a movie made after him, he’d probably like to see Smith portraying him.

When asked by Tyra Banks who should play him in a movie, Sen. Barack Obama said, “I think initially Denzel [Washington] would be the choice but somebody pointed out, with my ears, it might have to be Will Smith.”

What an honor!

Personally I don’t see how Smith and Obama even come close to being alike…except the ears. But who says the ears mean everything?

It goes to show that Obama is “da man with the plan.” I mean, who could portray John McCain?


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1 thought on “Barack’s stunt-double

  1. I am stuck on this one. I keep coming up with George Burns or Burgess Meredith, both of whom are deceased.

    Perhaps the old guy from the old Six Flags commercials?

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