“I would hate to live in Milwaukee”

Well, I wouldn’t, but Sen. John McCain would. In an interview given to Mark Leibovich for an article in the Washington Post in 2004, Sen. McCain noted he would hate to live in Milwaukee. Now I’m sure there’s no shortage of folks who might agree with Sen. McCain, but I’d be curious to hear why exactly Sen. McCain would hate to live in Milwaukee.

Interestingly enough, if you read the entire article, there’s another quote from Sen. McCain that’s more than a little ironic:

Asked again last week about 2008, McCain says it would be foolish. He fears losing the stature he gained in 2000 by running a bad race in 2008. He mentions perennial candidates Harold Stassen, Ralph Nader, “all these guys who, you know, don’t know when to quit.”

John McCain should have heeded his own advice, because I think it’s safe to say John McCain’s now one of those guys who don’t know when to quit.


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