South Shore Citizens for a Prosperous Future

This comes courtesy of Dave Maass:

The South Shore Citizens for a Prosperous Future is hosting a community meeting on Thursday, March12, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., in the Chase Bank Community Room, 4702 S Packard Avenue in Cudahy (that’s on the southeast corner of Packard and Layton – the parking lot is to the East). The purpose of this meeting is to examine the state budget deficit. The standard scenario has become a combination of gimmicks, reduced services, and higher property taxes. The intent is to have a non-partisan presentation of where we are and a discussion about some alternatives.

Productive public structures (physical, social, and organizational) that have been built over many generations, structures key to our quality of life and our prosperity, have eroded. Dave says, while property taxes continue to rise in an attempt to fund those structures. There is a better way. The goal of the meeting is to come together and, in so doing, move the discussion forward.

Both State Senator Jeff Plale and State Representative Mark Honadel are expected to be in attendance.


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