You Can Call Him…….Senator AL


“A Minnesota court ruled Monday night that Democrat Al Franken has defeated Republican Norm Coleman and should be granted the election certificate that will allow him to take his seat in the U.S. Senate.

The Coleman camp immediately vowed to appeal.
Big Shock There!!!

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7 thoughts on “You Can Call Him…….Senator AL

  1. This’ll be tied up in court for weeks, which is a shame, because the people of Minnesota deserve to have two Senators serving in Washington.

  2. You know…what I find interesting is this guy (Franken) is really repulsive and there are video tapes of him and written words of his proving how repulsive he is and you all are celebrating that he has won the senate seat…but then in the next post the Alaskan AG nominee Ross is just being accused of saying repulsive things without any proof and he has already been convicted as being the Devil.

    1. I Find it Interesting that you can’t separate Acting and Comedy from real Life. Glad the Citizens of Minnesota could tell the difference. Then again they have to give their name to vote. They can’t just be Anon???
      I’m sure your’e equally outraged by the writing in Bill O’reilly’s Books!!

  3. Anon, while I’m in agreement that Al Franken has said some pretty questionable things during his career in comedy, it’s important to remember that those things were said in the course of his roles as a comedy writer and a comedian. On the other hand, I’m not inclined to believe Wayne Anthony Ross was joking when he called homosexuals “degenerates” or when he advocated for husbands raping their wives (if he actually did say that).

  4. Zach…I would not be inclined to think Ross was joking either IF he actually said those things. I’m just looking for some outside sources that aren’t so bias before coming to any conclusions. IF it is proven he said those things I wouldn’t have any use for him and would question why Gov. Palin picked him for AG.

    As for Al he’s just foul whether he is joking or not. I don’t like it when people use comedy to be insulting, rude, and MEAN like Jamie Foxx recently did. He slammed a 16 year old girl and then he thinks he should get a pass on it because he is a comedian? Not. He doesn’t get a pass from me and neither does Franken.

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